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Sat July 28 2018 PM chattels  BAGHDAD /
The price of foreign currency, gold and oil, according to the Iraqi Center for Economic and Political, on Saturday, the following ranking:
Prices of selling and buying the dollar Stock Exchange:
selling price of the dollar = 119,950 Iraqi dinars
Purchase price of the dollar = 119,900 Iraqi Dinar Harthyya
Stock Exchange:
Selling price of USD = 120,050 Iraqi Dinar
Purchase price of the dollar = 119,950 Iraqi dinars
The Arbil Exchange:
Selling price of the dollar = 120,250 Iraqi dinars
Purchase price of the dollar = 120,200 Iraqi dinars
while the basket of the Basra Stock Exchange:
Selling price of USD = 120,100 Iraqi Dinar.
Purchase price of USD = 120,000 Iraqi Dinar Link

Baxter  Hi Chattels.... that will keep KAP happy
It simply amazes me how for all of those months.... they were way out of the 2% spread.... then all of a Sudden... they are Perfect....

chattels  Alliances put a proposal to form the largest bloc, and choose the next prime minister
Baghdad / morning
put forward political forces proposed to form the largest bloc through a broad coalition includes all the components that are being put forward several names for the post of head of the next government and then the next parliament shall issue a vote in absolute freedom, at a time called coalition , the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi, to quick action The firm put the interests of Iraq above all, the political process and change paths so as to ensure its comprehensiveness and exit from quotas and exclusion.

According to the leader of the Alliance of Conquest Karim al - Nuri in a press statement on Saturday that " the talks between the political blocs are still continuing, but will not yield alliances before the ratification of the election results , " noting that "negotiations are currently going through the feelers stage and did not live up to the understandings on the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc. "Read more at

the talks between the political blocs are still continuing, but will not yield alliances before the ratification of the election results , "

Historically manual vote recounts in Iraq have taken 30 days and the formation of a government about 90 days. Much of this is arguably business or politics as usual in Iraq. The protests are not unusual either although more violent and widespread this time.

Dave  they are inching their way.... SADR hopes to speed things along I hope
with a clean house things could go down rapidly

chattels  There is a danger for Sadr in all of this as he has been on the outside looking in, but given his current position is increasingly being viewed as part of the establishment.

Dave  supporting protests though

chattels  Sadr needs to form a coalition for the next government with the very people that the protesters are decrying as the corrupt.

While sympathetic to the protesters, he is hard pressed to embrace the protestors as he has in the past.

Dave  Naijafi ,Alawii. Maliki to name a few
not much is going down until they are done with this election...IMO
...then things will get interesting I hope
how and when this forms up is going to be my litmus test
SADR et-al or the status quo?

The Central Bank announces the lifting of all global barriers imposed
chattels  The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) announced that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.

Al-Hadithi: continue to return money smuggled from abroad
The Central Bank of Iraq revealed that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.
The director of financial operations and debt management at the Central Bank of Iraq Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months," denying what some media reported an increase in demand to buy the dollar During the current year to smuggle to some neighboring countries, noting that in the month of June, sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of monthly sales for the months preceding (April, March and February), also confirming the decline in sales of the dollar in the first half of this year 2018 to w Last year's sales of 2017.
Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's media office, confirmed that the government is continuing its work to recover the smuggled money, in addition to the financial assets found in international banks.
Al-Hadithi said in a press statement: "The government is seeking to recover all the Iraqi funds that are in the international banks, both under the former regime and in the current period." He added that "there has been ongoing work and discussions since last year.  Courtesy IQD Team


chattels   The headline does not match the content of the article is my first observation.

Baxter  Yes I agree... I saw a similar article the other day... keeps saying...."calling"

chattels  "The Central Bank announces the lifting of all global barriers imposed" VS. "calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq."

Baxter  kind of out of both sides of the

chattels  Central Bank of Iraq Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months,"
............ noting that in the month of June, sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of monthly sales for the months preceding (April, March and February), also confirming the decline in sales of the dollar in the first half of this year 2018 to w Last year's sales of 2017.
...Iraqi pride and ideation or accomplishment ?


Sat July 28 2018 Early am chattels  Before turbulent election day, Iraq ignored key warnings .....
As Iraq suffers a crisis of public confidence in its May 12 election results, evidence shows the election commission failed to act on detailed UN warnings about serious problems.

BAGHDAD - Iraq's electoral commission neglected to heed a series of pre-election warnings by the UN about serious flaws in its new electronic voting systems, according to official letters obtained by Iraq Oil Report.

The documents do not provide any evidence that the results of Iraq's May 12 national elections were fraudulently manipulated, but they do show that the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) was aware of - and failed to address - technical problems that contributed to an ongoing crisis of confidence in the electoral process.
chattels  Sadr demands end to repression of protesters who vow to liberate Iraq By Rudaw
Out, out! protesters in Baghdad tell ruling politicians By Halkawt Aziz

Barzani, McGurk urge more serious dialogue on Iraqi govt formation By Rudaw
McGurk was in Baghdad earlier in the week, where he met with Abadi to discuss economic reforms supported by our Strategic Framework Agreement, among other matters, he tweeted.
chattels  Basra has every right to be its own region. Will Baghdad let it ? By Paul Iddon

Woke AF  @chattels good article on McGurk! Thanks! Sounds promising~

lliance resolution calls for the speedy convening of the parliament session and the announcement of the largest bloc to form a new government

chattels  Mohsen al-Saadoun: Solving the country's problems lies in the full implementation of the constitution and the amendment of some of its provisions | 26/07/2018 11:16

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The solution to the country's problems lies in the full implementation of the constitution and the amendment of some of its provisions, the head of the parliamentary legal committee in the former parliament Mohsen al-Saadoun said.

Al-Saadoun said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency / Nina: "The Iraqi people sent important messages to the politicians, firstly a few participation in the elections, and then rejected the political situation in the country after the start of demonstrations in Baghdad and a number of southern provinces, "The political leaders and the government are required to address the current situation and find effective solutions to the problems experienced by the provinces, and the implementation of the demands of the demonstrators, and provide basic services for them

Al-Saadoun pointed out that there is no legal impediment to amending the constitution and changing the system of government in Iraq from parliamentary to presidential. He pointed out that the amendment of the constitution took place in most countries of the world, including the United States, whose Constitution is the oldest constitution, "He said.

He explained that "one of the problems of the country lies in the non-application of Article 142 of the Constitution, which provides for the formation of a committee in the first 6 months of the first parliamentary session, to make the constitutional amendments, considering that all political blocs did not comply with the application of this paragraph, so the urgent need now be To amend the constitution, a popular and popular demand, and make the system a presidential rather than a parliamentary, as in Egypt and the United States, which is considered a successful experience. "

To amend the constitution, a popular and popular demand, and make the system a presidential rather than a parliamentary, ................

Whitelions  Rafidain Bank identifies a group of employees covered by advances

Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday that the employees of the state departments, whose salaries are settled electronically at a bank covered by advances provided by the bank and other banking services.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by Al-Iqtisad News that the departments whose salaries are settled in the bank are given an electronic card which has several advantages, including the inclusion of personal advances and withdrawing their money from any place where they are located instead of receiving them manually.

The statement said that the advances have been disbursed for the preparation of large state employees and retirees who carry electronic cards issued by the bank exclusively.

Fri 7-27-2018 pm chattels  David M. Witty @DavidMWitty1 Iraqi political source says discussions on forming new government are stalled due to protests. Main election winner Sadrs Sairoon Coalition hesitates between political negotiations & joining protests since Sadr supported protests with same goals in past.

chattels  It is ironic that Sadr may now be perceived as part of the government elite that he opposed and that the people are protesting against.

Thu 7-26-18 Spectra Government of Iraq
The @IraqiGovt works with partners around the world to contribute to international security and advance a shared agenda based on the principles of non-interference, mutual interests and respect for fundamental human rights

Spectra- Venezuelan President announces the deletion of zeros from his local currency to revive the economy of his country???

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Thursday issued a decision to remove five zeros from the Bolivar currency, media reported.
Maduro said the deletion of the zeros was part of a plan to revive the economy and stabilize the financial market in the country, which has been suffering from a crippling economic crisis for years.
He vowed to change foreign currency trading rules to attract investment to the country.

Maduro attributed his country's economic crisis to what he called the "economic war" waged by the Venezuelan right and the United States to overthrow him.
"I will send to the National Constituent Assembly (parliament) a bill on changing foreign exchange rules to correct some aspects that would remove barriers to foreign exchange inflows so that there is foreign exchange investment in he said

9am Thu 7-26-18  5 am chattels Some " guru " : " Some say that seating the new government is not necessary for a currency revaluation, but the CBI has stated that "stability" is one of the key elements (the other being "security") to moving ahead with the deletion of the 3 zeroes project. Stability, some claim, is intrinsically connected to removing the corruption associated with the currency auctions, and so that brings us back around again to the need to seat the new government and remove a large portion of corrupt politicians who, in losing their re-election, will lose their immunity from prosecution the moment they are declared no longer a part of the government."
 ........... will lose their immunity from prosecution the moment they are declared no longer a part of the government."
chattels My read / take is that the losing MP's became private citizens and without immunity on or about July 1st upon the dissolution of Parliament. Tariq Harb has stated as much some weeks ago.
chattels The governing Shia alliances have a very poor record of prosecuting their own.
Also see " .............. the parliaments term will come to an end on June 30, 2018, as it first convened on July 1, 2014. After four years, it has no legal basis to convene and therefore members of parliament return to being private citizens."

Doug_W they surely have a strange form of govt. over there "C"

July 25 2018 pm chattels Two Iraqi pilots got into a physical fight in the sky while flying their Boeing 737 with 160 passengers on board.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region Two Iraqi pilots got into a physical fight in the sky while flying their Boeing 737 with 160 passengers on board.

"We have launched an investigation into the two pilots who engaged in a brawl in the plane cockpit mid-flight," the Iraqi Transport Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The two pilots were working for Iraqi Airways.

The airline said they will "strongly punish" the pilots, including revoking their licences so "no one would dare repeat such acts," said the airline in a statement seen by al-Sumaria News.

"Our airline in many aspects has a good reputation and thousands of passengers witness it, the airline added.

The cause of the fight or what route the pilots were flying at the time have not been disclosed.

Iraqi Airways is the national carrier of Iraq. It is considered oldest airline in the Middle East.

Wonder what they were fighting about ? 

Abadi: Iraq needs the price of $ 67 per barrel of oil to cover the expenses of basic services .. No projects | 24/07/2018 21:45

BAGHDAD / Iraq's national news agency / nina / Prime Minister Haider Abadi said that "Iraq needs the price of oil $ 67 to cover basic services .. No projects."

"Oil prices have risen and Iraq is now selling at $ 64 a barrel. In order to pay for the basic state expenditures, we need a price of $ 67 (US) without projects," Abbadi told a weekly news conference. c

The gurus claiming that the price of oil is establishing any surplus / discretionary funds for Iraq are deluded.
I do not believe that " basic state expenditures " includes any cost of reconstruction, debt service payments, etc.,
Saudi diplomat predicts giant investment projects in Kurdistan By Rudaw

Chattels> Dollar and gold exchange rates in Iraq on Wednesday July 25 2018
The exchange rate of the dollar, on Wednesday, stabilized against the dinar in the local currency market.
According to the figures for "trend", the price of selling the dollar in Baghdad today was 119 thousand and 250 dinars and the purchase price 120 thousand 250 dinars compared to $ 100.

CBI appears to be maintaining compliance with the 2% variance between the Official / Parallel Market Rate although the auction volume has been elevated perhaps in an effort to so maintain by balancing supply demand on the dollar.

25 Jul 18, AM Tebow> Number of readings 1066 Section: Iraq
Tamimi: a reform program on monetary and economic

A member of the Finance Committee of the former parliament, Magda Tamimi, said Sunday, July 22, 2018, that it is writing a program of monetary reform of the economic policy in the country, indicating that it will be a different paper.

"It is in the process of writing a monetary reform program for the economic policy in the country, pointing out that it will be a different paper during the next phase of the country," Tamimi told media affiliated with the obelisk.

"This paper is interspersed with practical steps in the reform of fiscal and monetary policy if applied within six months or a year will bring a clear reflection on society and well-being."

Tamimi pointed out that it "adopted the experiences of developed countries," indicating that "my reform policy is concerned with maximizing non-oil resources."25/07/2018

25 Jul 18, Early AM Chattels> Iraq has changed and Kurds could profit, says Hoshyar Zebari By Hiwa Jamal
KDP, PUK capable of working together, unlike Shiite blocs By Rudaw 22/7/2018

BAGHDAD / The National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) The Central Bank of Iraq sold at auction auction of foreign currency today more than 206 million dollars.

"The total amount sold was 206 million and 181,000 and 605 dollars with the participation of 33 banks," the bank said in a statement.

The total sales for purposes of strengthening the assets abroad / remittances and credits / 165 / million and / 325 / thousand and / 181 / dollars, while the total cash sales 41 million and 280 thousand dollars. "

The sale of funds transferred to bank accounts abroad and cash sales, 1190 dinars per dollar Link
Another large volume sale at auction.

Spectra: Government of Iraq
Verified account @IraqiGovt
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We are implementing measures to improve the delivery of water, electricity, health & education services for all Iraqis, and to create new job opportunities for our young people

24 Jul 18, 08:19 PM Chattels> Protests in Southern Iraq Intensify, Is Instability to Follow?
July 24, 2018 by Matthew Schweitzer
How did southern Iraq reach this boiling point? Julys outburst of angerdirected at parties across Iraqs political spectrum, foreign oil companies, and, notably, Iranpoints to several factors driving southern Iraqi instability that extend beyond the recent escalating protest movement. Critically, the interrelated effects of economic collapse and endemic corruption, severe environmental degradation, and ongoing tribal and criminal violence undermine Baghdads ability to exert meaningful control over its southern provinces, while insufficient service-provision and poor governance leaves many southerners with a sense of disaffection from the national political process."

" The Iraqi government, of course, cannot afford long-term instability in the south. Basras oilfields and Persian Gulf export terminal account for approximately 95 percent of the countrys GDP and its only sea-access. The region sent tens of thousands of young men to fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), many of whom are now returning home with their weapons. Yet, many Iraqi political leaders took southern Iraqs relative stability for granted, ignoring steadily growing political volatility, economic malaise, and deep public anger against both provincial and national politicians. During the May 2018 parliamentary elections, only 14.4 percent of Basras eligible voters went to the polls (compared to a still-dismal 44.5 percent nationally), a figure that underscored the regions sense of dislocation from Baghdad and ongoing desires among the population for increased autonomy from the federal government."

" When oil prices collapsed in mid-to-late 2014, this fragile balance of corruption, bribery, and security undergirding Basras oil-fueled growth deteriorated. Government subsidies ceased as oil-revenue dropped by nearly 50 percent, fueling escalatory violence between tribal groups competing for access to a dwindling client base. Meanwhile, oil-sector contractors in Basra reportedly laid off between 30 and 80 percent of their employees by early 2017, emptying entire migrant labor settlements and leaving thousands of Basrawis without stable income."
........... political elites may resort to time-tested methods of protest resolution, combining co-option (buying protesters off with promises of jobs) and coercion. It is dubious whether such an approach can succeed in southern Iraq, following years of official neglect. Without more thorough government engagement to address the problems facing southern regions, current grievance could presage greater instability."

Chat Early Tuesday 7-24-18
Chattels> UNHCR: Completion of counting and sorting the results of Najaf

Date of release: 2018/7/24 12:50 link

One recent news report says " early August " for completion of the election vote manual recount.

Then we await Judicial ratification.

Whitelions> The issuance of a new issue of the fact sheet including new instructions for the registration of vehicles and market licenses

BAGHDAD / The new issue of the Iraqi fact sheet was issued on Tuesday, number 4500, including a number of instructions and government statements and the rules of procedure of the Office of the Inspector General in the Iraqi Media Network.
​The Director General of the Iraqi Facts Department Kamel Amin said in a statement to the Ministry of Justice that "the new number includes the instructions No. (2) for the year 2018, the second amendment to the Instructions for Registration of Vehicles and Driving Licenses No. 1 of 2009 and the Instructions No. (1) of 2018, And the size and contents of license plates and registration documents of vehicles and driving licenses No. (2) for the year 2009.

He added that the new number also included the statement of establishment of the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies / Samarra, and the statement of establishment of the General Company for Sports Investments, and included the number of internal order of the Office of the Inspector General in the Iraqi Media Network No. 1 of 2018.  link

Whitelions> The Ministry of Electricity is carrying out three projects in the province of Basra, which has been parked for four years

After the visit of the ministerial delegation to the province of Basra, and briefed him on the demands of the demonstrators, and make proposals by the Minister of Electricity Engineer Qassim Al-Fahdawi to the Council of Ministers on granting

The powers of the Governor of Basrah to transfer the projects transferred by the provincial council and suspended due to the delay of the companies implemented since 2014, and the approval of the transfer to companies of the Ministry of Electricity, the engineering and technical staff in the General Company for the transfer of electric power in the southern region, one of the formations of the Ministry of Electricity,

Since 2014, the completion of work in the high-voltage transmission line (Khor Al-Zubayr-Petro) (132 KV), which was the transfer of energy (160) megawatts, and now transfer energy up to (380) megawatts from the Khor Zubair station To the center of the city of Basra.

In addition, a new transformer with a capacity of (63 MVA) was installed at the Basrah Transformational Station (132 KV) , Will convert an additional (60) megawatts to the city.

​There are five other projects belonging to the transport sector in the province of Basra began to fill the ministry's staff was suspended before the visit of the delegation to Basra.

link Chattels> Woke AF What brings you to this asylum ?

Woke AF chattels love Chatlesston

Chattels> Woke AF Charleston is indeed a special place.

Woke AF chattels just info, trying to find out something about this dinar.

Chattels> Woke AF How long have you been dreamin' the dream ?

this is the only dinar chat room I am in. I've only been in it since mid-april of this year, which makes me wonder how in the world y'all have lasted all these years? I'm going crazy with just a few months!

It becomes less of a roller coaster over time. It has to be so or one burns out.

Woke AF> I guess you could say I'm here looking for the "WHEN?"
Woke AF> yes, definitely!

Chattels> Woke AF My unsolicited advice to you is to abandon the WHEN and hope for the IF EVER.

Woke AF> chattels it's like having a winning lottery ticket that you have to play every drawing, and you know your numbers are going to win, you just don't know which date they're going to win...
Woke AF Woke AF good advice, I do believe it will happen~

Chattels> Woke AF I admire your sense of certainty.
Golf today. Have a fine day all.

Woke AF> chattels just trying to stay positive! I wish that I knew all that you guys know! Y'all are some smart cookies!
Woke AF chattels have a great day!

chattels Woke AF Legends in out own minds we are :)
Woke AF chattels LOl

Woke AF Have a good day everyone! I'm going to run Between The Raindrops...

Whitelions Doug_W A friend sent me a link to dinar guru where BGG took what I said in here about the percentage of people that own dinar in the world and(witch I got form the cbi site ) and took it down another 9% lol, what a moron he is trying to make himself look good by making up numbers again how is it that people still go there ?

Baxter Good Morning Dinar World.....
Baxter Another Day... Another Dinar....
Baxter wheres my Dime anyways.....

Doug_W I D K ??

Baxter I got a bad feelin
Baxter this govt thing is gonna be a while its always something
Baxter I would love to be able to believe PTR .. they say Iraq isnt important in this..
Baxter I just dont believe it

Doug_W agreed

Baxter on their call yesterday.. even their peeps are really getting upset

Tebow Whitelions where on the CBI website does it state the percentage of people that own dinar in the world. Believe you made that bit up!

Spectra KTFA-POST-(((An official source : stop the program of credit readiness between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund)))---------------

An official source in the Iraqi government, stop the program of credit readiness signed by Iraq and the International Monetary Fund in 2015 until the formation of the next government.

The source, who preferred not to be named for "economy News", said that "the program of credit readiness, which earned Iraq a loan of 5.4 billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund stopped until the formation of the next government," adding that "Iraq will begin after the resumption of the program The third review of the Iraqi economy by the International Monetary Fund. "

He pointed out that "the International Monetary Fund criticized some of the actions carried out by the government during the past years and the latest delay in the House of Representatives in the adoption of the draft budget law for the year 2018 because of political differences." ;Woho

Spectra LOL

Baxter Yep... the IMF has cut off Iraqs money supply..... my DIME included

Spectra Yes they might be kinda angry at the

Baxter KIND OF?? LOL...

Baxter Ya Think

Spectra The way i said that was in sarcasm.....if you didnt know?

Baxter Oh.. I knew

Spectra they need too get their act together

Baxter we are into next year now...

Spectra Baxter so what if we are ...I am not going too be unhinged .....

Baxter me neither... life goes on

Spectra Baxter ill wait problem yep life goes on...
Spectra as the woman girl from the hit series once said ...Doris Day ...Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
Spectra Thats how i see this thing

Dave doubt the govt will make any decisions until they actually have the new govt

Baxter they wont

Baxter IMF wouldnt let them anyways

Dave true

Dave no reliable water or hydro either until then.....

Baxter  we dont have it so bad..

Dave.. all things concerned ....we should be glad where we live

Baxter yep.... if you read way down in that article... it really gets ridiculous on whats going on over there

Doug_W and its all because of greed N corruption Bax

Baxter yep
Baxter Venezuella should be one of the richest countries in the world

Doug_W and they are in Strife

Baxter yep ​

​ElmerFudd Hey guys, have you seen the exchange rate on the Al Mansour Bank for Investment web site?
ElmerFudd Showing at $.86.
ElmerFudd Hello?

Clay ElmerFudd thats weird

ElmerFudd We had a number of web sites a few months ago showing rates like that for a few hours or days and then it stopped.
ElmerFudd Now this.

Clay wish it were true
Clay lol I used to say 3.86

ElmerFudd If it is true, it would be a good start.

Clay**l yeah

Baxter someone mention my DIME


Woke AF I tried googling, what is the web site? Pretty please?

Clay Woke AF where r you


Clay Baxter I used to lol

Woke AF Trying to find my 86 cents! Clay

Clay lol

Woke AF ElmerFudd thanks!


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