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1/15/2019 IMF and MS-13, EVIL DREAM TEAM

1/13/19 Abolish the IRS, H.R.25  >  TANK breaks down the new bill proposed to abolish the IRS and income tax in the process. He also provides details about the Global Currency Reset, provides the actual documentation to help understand the Deep State plan to demolish the world economy and introduce Crypto currency as the solution to enslave and control humanity.   Link to the Singleton Document

1/10/2019 �Manufactured Crisis�, update from TANK

Entry Submitted by Kim Possible November 23, 2018 pm

Please see my comments inserted in bold below;

Hopefully Final Comment on the Manna World Holdings Trust

I was sent yet another announcement from "Tank" this weekend.

Once again, it's necessary to tether everyone to reality.

What happened is this: people and national governments deposited gold and silver and gems and other valuables in banks as "Special Deposits" -- the kind that are stored in bank vaults, not on computers.
NO!! In the real world they were stolen, stored in 173 bunkers around the world and only registered to banks in the "off ledger system" known as THE SYSTEM I CONTROL. NONE WERE PHYSICALLY DEPOSITED IN ANY BANK ANYWHERE. Some are not even "jems and bars" they are inground assets registered as VAULTS in a massive cross-collateralization network. So if you had bunker "A1234" in Nepal it may support currency in Argentina, or vault CN4567 it may be in China but is collateralized to Philippines, or vault KY7891 may be inground assets in Zimbabwe supporting Canadian Currency and so on and so forth. Of the 173 registered bunkers that were actually filled with assets all were moved starting in 2013 through 2015. None remain in their original location. As for the vault numbers, I moved and rotated them and changed most of them so the original cross-collateralization is no more. Lastly the BLM or all the inground assets of the USA (Oil, Gas, Gold, Silver and several other precious metals) were pledged at various times in history from the 1700's through to 1998. They are too in the trust. So you are incorrect in your statement.

The bankers, politicians, and some members of the military decided among themselves to steal these private assets, since they had physical possession of them. They blocked the actual owners and trustees from having access to these assets and used the assets to underwrite their own spending and investing for many years.
The "Trustees" contracts had expired, they were warned and their contracts were not renewed. As for "military stole assets" is a joke. You seem to think the history of the world started with the Vatican and USA (Inc. or otherwise) or the Military. What about Genghis Khan, Caesar, Several Asian Dynasties, Constantinople, Medici, Napoleon, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Saladin, Persian Empire, Egyptians all THIEVES assigning assets to the "Trust" or their "Gods" known as the Draco. Hey, they were stupid enough to do it. All in exchange for what? Power, Worthless Papers,and Titles. "Vatican Trustee D'Avila V.K. Durham"? Really? So you are telling me the original families who the Vatican stole from now need to go through these people to get their stuff back to the lands it came from? Um no. We will all do just fine ourselves. Tell them to go find their "Gods" and get it back. Most of it was sold and transported by the SSP anyway out of here. Good Luck finding planet "where the heck ever" and get your stuff back. I NEGOTIATED THE QUARANTINE TO STOP THE BLEED. I merely secured what is left MYSELF with no help from any "blah blah internet trustee Amanah/D'Avila/Durham". So now they are going to whine to me? I do not think so. So sorry. Where the heck were you when we secured all this stuff? Right, busy writing internet blogs about how special they are.

Eventually, of course, this was discovered and more and more of the actual Trustees began to move and to connect with each other. Beneficiaries who have been cheated also began to come forward. Things have gotten "hot" for the bankers as a result.
No they have not, no one is paying any attention to them, not the bankers, not the military, not me, not the SSP, not the Vatican, not the US Government, no one. Why may you ask? Because they have no right to anything, not by blood, not by Vatican the former custodian, not by DNA.. Not anywhere. That is why they are free to roam around the country blogging all day. NO ONE CARES. THEY ARE IRRELEVANT. See? You really think Rothschild etal gives a crap? No, they really don't.

So, the lead banker of bankers, a man occupying the office of "Marduk" took several actions and all the other bankers followed his orders.
He was NOT a banker, he was a Military Dictator, a Master of Slaves, but no, not a banker. Sorry. He established "worthless pretty papers" as a means for getting the "families" to give full control over all the metals, minerals and gems. That is a military strategy, not a banker mentality. A full non-hostile take over of everything in the world in exchange for worthless digits and papers. So you still think the "Vatican Trustee Girls" you speak of deserve another shot at this?? Hell no, sorry. Lets give some people who have a brain, that did not sell us out a shot at this. There are people coming forward every day helping. They deserve it more than any "Vatican appointed trustee" does.

They established a "Drop Box" called "the Global Debt Facility" where all the ill-gotten loot that they claimed was "abandoned" could be cashiered. Enter Karen Hudes.
Karen works for Wolfgang Struck, a former "World Bank Trustee" again, refer back to the above but insert "Why would we give the world bank control over anything ever again??" They ARE STILL raping and pillaging countries all over the world? NO.

They instituted an Artificial Intelligence and computer program initiative with the full support of the banks. This so-called "Quantum Financial System" is in fact a re-hash of old binary filing system technology.
The Quantum System existed long before I did, is using a technology which if humanity keeps going at it's current pace is about 1000 years ahead. Marduk did not create it, a fellow group of pirates did.

The banks turned over all their records concerning the Special Deposits and the AI - Quantum Finance system placed all these accounts on a separate accounting system and handed it to Kim Goguen aka "Kim Possible" to manage.
NOPE wrong again, system has been running on this planet for over 16000 years, banks were an afterthought and never held any of these assets. The System came long before "banks". Banks were given a certain amount of assets already transferred to the trust years and years before electronically only or by exchange of papers. Never physically. Not ever.

They also came up with this fantastic lie about her being the only heir of all these accounts and her "special" DNA and contracts going back 16,000 years allowing all this.

I tell you the truth, these jokers can't even give us a decent accounting of how they have mismanaged the accounts and money of The United States of America [Unincorporated] since 1860.
Really? The Vikings were here long before that and the Indians were trading thousands of years before that. 1860? You have to go back further than that.

So much for them keeping the books for 16,000 years.

They have basically stolen "title" to the bulk of private wealth in the world and are now using this to bribe everyone and to underwrite governments and do all sorts of things --- and there is just one thing wrong with it.

It's all based on more lies, more fraud, more force, more theft.

I have told them very frankly that while the Children of Enlil are allowed to take against the Will of Our Father, they are not allowed to mess with or ruin anyone else's portion.
Again, please send your "chosen one, special trustee, or whomever to GO GET IT THEMSELVES!! What do you think someone knocked on my door with an instruction manual and a map to all the bunkers? Heck no. I had to figure it out myself. So go figure it out, you find it, take your portion and quit whining about it all over the internet. Get off your lazy blogging ass and travel all around the world. No one (certainly not me) will stop you. So because I did my job as one of the original tribes and you (and your special trustees) have failed to do theirs you are going to blame me? Sorry, again I repeat. Tell them all to use their GOD GIVEN GIFTS and go do it themselves and stop expecting someone else to do it for you.

I have also told them that the days when they could get away with half-truths and shenanigans like this are gone, that we no longer live in that kind of world.
Truth, tell them all to go where ever their physical assets are and take what is theirs and leave the rest. Since they are so special go do it. I DID IT and I didn't see anyone else there when I was there. Then I achieve what none of these blogger, fake paper, former trustee, vatican trustee, etc. etc. folks have either refused to do or unwilling to do and now you are pissed off? No need, get off their respective asses and go find it yourselves. You have my blessing, not like you need it. Make sure you are armed with a lot more then blogs, papers and guns. You are going to need it.

The theft of all these privately owned assets is just another theft. Nothing special. Nothing beautiful. Just more of the same.

And it will come to the same ends and results as all the thefts and injustices before this. Why? Because water flows downhill. Fraud taints everything it touches. And the Truth will out.

I have suggested that Kim work with the actual owners and/or trustees of the assets, most of whom are just average people, not "Illuminati" and not from any special banking families. This is the only way that true settlement and justice can be done.
Ok fine there are 8 billion people on earth, all are welcome EQUALLY.

Otherwise, you should all see her and her efforts as the result of the bankers trying to maintain control while appearing to give it up.

You should all recognize that the consolidation of power over these private accounts by one woman is the working out of the banker's "one world government" at the expense of innocent people -- and even Kim herself, who does not seem to understand that she is doing anything wrong.



Kim "Possible"

Q&A with Kim Possible & Thomas Williams

26 October, 2018
�There is US, and there is THEM�
�The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you�re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.�- Morpheus
This is for THEM, those who are not AWAKE those who are not AWARE. This has to be said. The �SYSTEM� (no not a computer system), the SYSTEM. The system I speak of is one of slavery, one of abuse, one of total control over humanity. This is for YOU, the slave masters, the slaves the ones who are fighting to protect THE SYSTEM.

Do you know what you are trying to protect? Do you know who is running this flawed system? The system IS BROKEN. It has been slowly breaking down for the last two years. It is breaking not because of US (The awake and aware), it is breaking because it is severely flawed. You are MISSING IT. It never was a sustainable system, it was always meant to break. Non-Compete Plan, The Harvest, The Order does NOT have a plan. They are dependent on YOU, the people fighting to protect the system to �Create�. Create what may you ask? To create a plan to preserve the system of slavery they covet so dear.

Why do they need YOU?

Because they are NOT the creators of the Universe, they are not the THINKERS on this planet. They have always been �people herders�, �Slave Masters� if you will. The Thinkers have left them and now all they have is YOU. So YOU fight every day to preserve the broken down system without a second thought. Diligently killing people, raping children, stealing money and resources for the masters you believe in. Why do you believe in them? Is it a cycle of abuse? Stockholm Syndrome? Come on people that work for THEM, haven�t you noticed you are running around spending your own time your own money carrying out plans that YOU created? Have you not noticed it is not working?

You are plugging Hoover dam with bubblegum and the dam is bursting.

There are no SIDES in this war. There is only what is REAL and what is NOT. YOU are fighting to protect that which is a FANTASY while WE ARE FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS REAL. Let me explain;

THE DEEP STATE� We all know who these people are, the ones who are making a very futile attempt to control governments, to control financial systems. They are in EVERY country, your central bank governors, your various officials who will fight to protect the slave masters control over the people. Why do they need you? By you I mean the central bank governors who take the calls and promises of billions of dollars to keep your country broke and on it�s knees. Some of YOU work for agencies, the IMF, the World Bank, mercenary groups, Parliament, Congress.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR? You know you are trying to destroy people going against the system, going against �their way of life�. YOU ARE MISTAKEN. THIS IS NOT CORRECT. THE SYSTEM was designed to break down by 2017, set to self destruct. As for me? I am logical, I know when something goes down something else will always take it�s place. Are we fighting you? No, we have disregarded your failed attempts to preserve something which is already GONE.


99% of all wars were fabricated they made you believe they are real. False Intel, False Flags, Fake Media, False Financial Hardships just to keep you enslaved in their fatality flawed system.

They brand products on our Television to keep us hopelessly dependent on their debt based system of created currencies that have no real value other then the one they place on it, send us messages on FAKE NEWS to make us believe these are the bad people those are the bad people. WAKE UP, the SYSTEM IS BROKEN! It will not continue even if WE humanity do nothing! WE humanity need to put something else in it�s place before it�s too late.

THE ORDER � These people run around giving orders to YOU, the enslaved ones. You follow blindly. YOU do not realize these people were never the order makers, they did not create the plan, and most certainly they DID NOT CREATE THE SYSTEM. Please stop calling them �benevolent� or �gods� or �kings� or �masters�. Well, the term Master may have been correct, they WERE the slave masters of humanity. Promising you week in and week out billions of dollars (or whatever currency) to save humanity.

They claim to be humanitarians, but hold on, then they say �It is not time yet, just wait� to which YOU respond �ok Master� JUST SO YOU THE CREATIVE BEINGS OF THIS UNIVERSE DO NOTHING! Do you know what you are saying? You are blindly following people which you are calling Master and for what? What did they do when they did have control over the money and resources of the world (all on behalf of their masters as well)??

Did they feed the poor? Feed the Nations? Stop War? Stop Crime?

NO. They fed us poison. They salted the earth so we could only eat their poison. They created wars to make them money. They stole from us and raped our children. They created terrorist organizations to keep us in fear. They created diseases and treatments that slowly killed our loved ones, so we would take more of their poison believing their disease was medicine.



THE CORPORATES- The Non-Compete plan (70 years of planning you say?) explained the control structure of every industry in the world. The Majestic 12 and the SSP were fed technology to disburse to the masses. The very creations they sell to us have created their downfall. Yes, they still feed us poison, they still feed us their flawed hopelessly antiquated tech but what happened?

Like a virus that mutates itself to become immune to antibiotics which are designed to treat it HUMANITY has mutated to overcome these fatally flawed corporate controls. We use your smart phones, your internet, your social networks to communicate with each other. This has created portals to realize the branding coming from your Corporates, your drug companies, your Council on Foreign Relations, your United Nations, IS NOT REAL. We talk to people in the countries you call the �bad guys�, the �boogyman�, we have computer systems that provide us with proper intelligence information, and now know you are full of �it�. We fly in your planes, we travel in your cars, we shake hands with each other in nations all over the world now.
Didn�t YOU realize what you were doing?




When will YOU wake up??







Kim �Possible�


12 October, 2018 SPEAK STATUS UPDATE

We are in the transition now.

The Republic is being restored.

Humanity is being empowered.

The planet is being revitalized.

We are remembering who we are.

Our dreams have a date with our reality.

They�re getting married, will reproduce, and live powerfully ever after.

We created limitations.

We suffered because of them.

We get to decide if they still have power over us.

We chose to be free.

Now is when it gets exciting.

The world is ours to create.



5 October, 2018

Recently, Thomas Williams made public statements that forced Kimberly Goguen, Trustee for the Manna World Holding Trust, to disassociate herself from him. I was not consulted in her decision making process, nor did I contribute to bring her attention to these statements in any way. Kim provided me the complete statement directed to the public, as well as the US Government. She asked me to post the letter and I did.

I am in full support of the action that Kim had to take to preserve the integrity of the work she has done. My relationship with the Trustee is based on private project funding, a common goal to liberate humanity, and the desire to restore the Natural vitality of the planet. The action or appearance of anything that will hinder this mission, whether it�s human error, slanderous attacks, or lies spread by the Order to cast doubt, have to be identified and eliminated to ensure the return of Natural Order.

The actions of the Trustee to break ties with Thomas Williams have nothing to do with KRE8CHANGE, the SPEAK PROJECT, anything I am associated with or me. The words spoken by Mr. Williams that provoked the Trustee to make her public statement, have nothing to do with anything I am associated or me.

I will not support any action or language that directly or indirectly implies the overthrow of any Government. I am in full support of President Trump and his willingness and dedication to take down the �Deep State�. I am in full support of Kimberly Ann Goguen, the principles she stands for, the mission that drives her, by the manner in which she executes her duties, and various roles she plays.

As we have all witnessed, and continue to experience, the Cabal will use anything they can to try to discredit, disprove, and cast doubt on our efforts. This is a war of words between experts in Corporate Governance, who have tricked humanity several times before into contractual agreements to sell ourselves into slavery, and a resistant group of Patriots and other beings, who have remembered in part, who they are, and refuse to live as slaves knowing this is the moment when they can claim their freedom.

Knowing the importance of this transition, we move with the utmost respect for our oppressors, recognizing the control systems they have built over thousands of years are still in place in many aspects of our life. Every thought we have, word we speak, and action we take is a reflection of the choice we�ve made to be a slave, or to be free.

The language we use and the actions we take are heavily scrutinized, easily taken out of context, and, can be, used against us. I mention this as a gentle warning to consider what you say in public as it becomes a matter of record. This can work for or against us based on what we�ve said.

The below statement was sent to me from multiple sources referring to the sentiments expressed by Thomas Williams within his group on the Social Media platform, �MeWe�.

From Thomas Williams on Mewe 9/30/2018:
�As for Tank I am not surprised he sent people knowingly or not asking Kim to replace me as spokesperson for the trust last month with him in my place, maybe now he will get his wish, time will tell.�

To be clear: I have not knowingly sent anyone to �the Trust� asking Kim to replace Thomas as the Spokesperson. I was not even aware that this was an actual sought after role.

I am not sure how I could have sent someone not knowingly, because I did not know. However, to my knowledge, I have not done that either.

I do not find glory in this particular moment having Thomas disaffiliated with Kim or the Trust. To my knowledge Thomas has served as a Champion for Kim�s efforts up to this point, I have never had a negative interaction with him personally, and have nothing negative to say about him.

Thomas and I have different views on how to change the world, how to empower people, and how to speak in public.

I am grateful to be aligned with Kim and the mission of the trust. I have known for a while now that she is an advocate for the people, for freedom, and for the planet. I know she is more than that too, but I respect the tone that she has set with her humility, and I do my best to act accordingly.

She has been a friend and a teacher, and I have paid careful attention to get the most out of this experience.

I am not loyal to people just because I care for them. I do not blindly follow orders, or worship anyone as an idol. I do not need an intercession between God and me. I am loyal to principles and act accordingly. This loyalty has cost me many friends, jobs, relationships, and my former reputation. I have followed this path knowing I want to create a better world, and I have willingly given all that I have to earn the right to have a seat at the table.

I practice confident humility. I am confident that whatever role I�m allowed to play, I will be empowered with the substance, the character, the wisdom, and ability to perform in the best interests of the people and the planet. At the same time, I am humbled by the opportunity and recognize the value of the gift.

I recognize the charge, the weight, and the beauty of being part of this transition. I have not jockeyed for position to put myself above or beneath anyone. I have endeavored to align myself with God, follow the signs, grow in every aspect of my life, share what I�ve learned along the way, and have conducted myself in a manner that is worth replicating. I have not always been successful in my endeavors, but I have continued to improve over time.

I have not tried to take anything from Thomas or play the role that he played. I am Sovereign and I express myself, as myself, based on my own experiences and perception of the circumstances. In my opinion and understanding, the Trustee has drawn a definitive line between the operation and duties of both she and the Trust, and that of Thomas Williams.

My understanding is that this action was based on statements made by Thomas Williams on September 27th, 2018 that implied that Kim and the Trust should theoretically act as an interim Government in the event that President Trump was somehow removed from his position. The headline description of the two-hour show posted on a YouTube Channel named Lucid Dreamer, who chose to focus on these statements to identify the substance of what was discussed.

This was an unfortunate series of events that had nothing to do with me in any way. At this time, because I do work with Kimberly Goguen, and will continue to work with the Trust in the future, KRE8CHANGE, the SPEAK PROJECT, any of my affiliate organizations, and myself, will not associate with Thomas Williams in any way.

I have not been instructed to make this statement by anyone. I made this decision because I feel it is in my own best interests, my partner�s best interests, in the best interests of the people we are responsible to help, and the planet we are responsible to care for. Therefore, as long as Kim stays true to her mission, I will support her in any way that I can.

Therefore, I will not apologize for having a chance to contribute at this level. It is a dream come true. I am not concerned about those who did not make it. I will not apologize because I strive to be the best version of myself. I will not apologize because I pursue greatness and encourage others to do the same. I know who I am and I know what my purpose is. I am only concerned with what I have been called to do. I move by faith to discover the full scope of my responsibilities, and pray to execute them with wisdom, kindness, consideration, and gratitude.

The prize is our freedom. Failure is not an option. Stay the course. Be encouraged. Compromise for no one.

-TANK AKA Steffen Rowe

SPEAK UPDATE 9/28/2018

�Kavanaugh could be an essential cog in the master plan to successfully implement Military Tribunals in the Bank clean ups scheduled to start next week.

�Reports say that Mnuchin�s crimes will go public before the end of the week. He will be removed and prosecuted.

�Banks are currently shredding all types of documents to try and cover their crimes against humanity. The UST already has all of their records so their efforts are in vain.

� The people, Manna World Holding Trust, and the Country�s Governments are currently on one side of the conflict with the Rothschilds and Banks on the other. Seemingly an unfair fight, the Rothschilds continue to bury themselves as they commit multiple acts of treason, and implicate everyone in the Bank who has chosen to stay loyal to them and disregard Government orders.

�The OCC is currently investigating misconduct by the banks and can no longer be hidden.

�The Federal Reserve met with Congress and begged them to reinstate their charter. Their pleas fell on deaf ears. Some at the Fed know they�re done while others are still clueless.

�The Government has approached the Trustee to address the income tax issue, changing our tax structure so that only Social Security and spending taxes will be in place soon. Current analysis is being done to figure out the best way to execute this.

�The IRS will be moved out of Puerto Rico and back into the United States.

�They have also asked Kim to address the Student Loan Debts and other debt issues.

�The Trustee believes the USA will be completely self sustaining with no other foreign bodies or corporations having any say or control within the next 3 to 5 years.

�Cyber Security companies owned by the Clintons which allowed them access to accounts worldwide were identified as the source of their ability to misdirect our transfers.

�All Security Certificate codes have been changed to prevent further misdirection. Banks have been experiencing �glitches� with their transfers ever since.

�The Trustee is currently working to make the transfers that come out from the Trust to automatically clear directly to the receivers� accounts. This process is still not complete.

�The annual Illuminati Barbecue, Luciferian Business Strategy meeting, and Virgin Sacrifice was postponed to a later date rather than the traditional Harvest Moon as scheduled. It appears they may have lost faith.



SPEAK INTEL UPDATE �Domestic Terrorism�
9:43 PM EDT 9/19/2018

�The Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust has offered the banks 10 to one in USD to replace any Corporate Accounts the Rothchilds pull out as threatened retaliation to the banks for obeying the laws and direction of the United States Government.

�The funds held in the Manna World Holding Trust have now been approved clean and clear by Homeland Security, BIS, the UST, and various other agencies.

�On September 19, 2018 the Senate approved a massive spending bill for the US Military and civilian agencies for $854 Billion for operational expenses until 2019 to avoid Government shutdown

�US Banks are still operating with zero liquidity, while holding over 19 Billion Dollars in Government approved funding which has legally been cleared within their institution.

�The Federal Reserve is currently not operating as their license has been revoked and their legal authority to hold USD has been taken away.

�The Rothchilds were unable to return liquidity to the banks as promised on September 18th,2018.

�As a result the RV reported to start today did not begin exchanges. The RV as reported will not take place.

�As of 9:47 PM EDT September 19th, 2018 the banks have still not credited the receiver�s accounts for project funding. They are currently guilty of treason against the United States and the American people for failure to obey the direction of the United States Treasury.

�In addition, there is discussion that banks will be brought under National Control due to noncompliance with Federal Banking Laws, gross negligence in their fiscal responsibilities which places every American citizen at risk, and failure to pass stress tests conducted by the UST and Bank of International Settlements showing that the banks are insolvent.

�The Banks are currently operating as a terrorist cell within the United States borders (Domestic Terrorism-using fear to achieve a financial, political, or ideological aim). They are openly defying the US Government, bringing into question who is actually running the country. Agencies and authorities have failed to enforce transfer regulations that directly effect the US Economy.

�The Banks� actions to defy the US Government are a declaration of Civil War and Domestic Terrorism as clear evidence has been presented to demonstrate the legal approved activity and authority of the Manna World Holding Trust to transfer funds into the United States.

�The latest Executive Order makes statements regarding the enforcement of all United Nations Sanctions to block their finances and access to the Country. Current sanctions have been levied since May, 2018 against the Rothchilds, Clinton�s, Obama�s, Rockefellers, Bush�s and various other members of the Dragon Families, for acts of Genocide and crimes against humanity.


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18 September, 2018 12:19
The Banks Have No Money and the Government Doesn�t Enforce Laws

The United States Banks and banks world wide have had their liquidity reduced down to ZERO. Think about that for a moment, how does that effect you? You may still be able to get money out of the ATM, write checks, and pay bills on line, but how? The fact that we�re still able to conduct business as if nothing has happened is a witness to the fraudulence of the entire system.

How is that possible?

The banks are currently issuing credits against nothing. It�s basically a data entry entered into the system with no legal authority. For a long time the Rothchild�s had "mirrors" up making it seem as if there was actual allocated funds in place. Last Friday September 14th, 2018 when the Federal Reserve had their license revoked, all of those mirrors came down.

The banks have believed lie after lie from the Chinese Elders AKA the Chinese faction of the Dragon Families. They�ve promised to provide liquidity based on the revaluation of currency, which was only devalued in the first place because of wars the Order started, and values they manipulated to enslave and stagnate different segments of the world. But after years of failed attempts to hack into the back ledgers, launch new financial systems, and take control of the system, it should be abundantly clear that they do not have the knowledge, authority, or ability to fulfill their promises.

Today, the Rothchild�s have promised that the liquidity given to them by every US Bank two weeks ago, and placed into their fabled Super Computer the "Hercules Quantum Financial System" will be returned by 3:00 PM EST.

This will not happen.

In all likely hood the Rothchilds are expecting to have success by bringing in funds from the Vatican Bank. In their ignorance they still think that they have secret pockets of funds that are not contained within the Manna World Holding Trust. However, every single USD that has an allocation number attached to an asset is registered to the Trust.

The real Quantum System, that actually controls the Financial System, but has many other uses, will automatically reject any asset that has already been registered into the system. The system notifies the party trying to bring said asset into the system with a message that says "Can not duplicate." It rejects the entry of such an asset as it already exists in the system and is deemed counterfeit. The off ledger accounts held by the various banks are also recorded on a Master Ledger inside of the Trust. The UST and the BIS also have the same ledgers accounting for all of the legally allocated funds on the planet. When the Hercules System, which is essentially a Microsoft Data Base/Hacking Instrument, tried to bring the assets back into the banks for their liquidity, it crashed by the hand of the Quantum System in approximately 12 minutes.

Held within this system was any record of the duplicated assets that were providing liquidity to the insolvent banks around the world. Furthermore, the assets were taken out of the closed loop system and could not be brought back on ledger regardless of the status of the Hercules System. For those of you tracking, you may be asking yourself, "Why would the banks trust the Rothchilds?"
This would take up entirely too much space at this time, but it goes back to the Illuminati practice of Cultural Guidance and the specific usage of brain washing and dependence they have created in the banks.

Moving along, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment in Human History. The Banks have no money and the Government doesn�t enforce laws. The United States Treasury and the Bank of International Settlements have already cleared and verified transfers into three United States Banks for over 19 Billion Dollars in project funding. As a result one would think that these transfers would have been credited to the appropriate accounts, for fear of the repercussions of the US Government. Unfortunately, after the full force of the FBI, the OCC, and various other banking regulators have stormed the banks demanding them to credit the accounts, as of 11:30 AM EST today, there is still no resolution, and the account holders have no access to their funds.

In a logical world where laws apply to everyone regardless of their status in society, a bank recognizing that they themselves have no money to function, would be overwhelmed with gratuity that a legal source of funds came into their bank at just the right time. In essence, these funds would be just the beginning of a world wide financial recovery, an opportunity for several institutions to salvage their business, and the start of a newly found independence from the rule of the self proclaimed royalty of the banking cartels.

In the current world where we live in, it is becoming embarrassingly clear that the US Government is impotent or indifferent about the rights of the people. If a US Citizen has the legal authority to have a bank account, and make a living, shouldn�t they be allowed to receive a legal allocation of currency that has already been approved by the two highest authorities in the country. A registered contractor for Homeland Security has actually taken complete liability for any and all transfers that come from the Manna World Holding Trust. This act indemnifies the bank from any liability of fraud because the funds have already been cleared.

So if receiving funds from the Trust currently poses no financial risk to any bank, and in fact will in many cases actually save their business, then what would motivate them to block transfers designated to accounts held in the bank?

Currently the highest officials in the banks are being threatened by the Rothchilds that they will remove all of the Corporate accounts from these institutions, the bankers will lose their jobs, and they will never work again.
To me this threat seems silly. The Rothchilds do not actually own the banks, the Trust does. There is no real money in the banks, so why would it matter if they remove Corporate Accounts that hold fake funds? And if you really want to work, we�ll gladly provide you with a position that reasonably compensates you for your skill set. At the moment, if these bankers decide to hold on to the hope of the Order winning the final battle, they will suffer much graver consequences including being tried for treason.

Today I have a transfer for my own project funding that has cleared at TD Bank. The account says that it has cleared but not credited. The initial receiver of the group of project funding has worked for the White House, the CIA, and the FBI. As the UST and the BIS watch carefully, deciding the fate of these various insolvent and belligerent business practices conducted by the banks, we wait for them to press a few buttons to release our funds.

It�s not about the money.
Seriously, it�s not. It�s about freedom. These funds release all of humanity as they enable us to shift the power from self made elite slaves, back to the free humans of Earth. In this world money plays a significant part because it represents the total assets of the planet. Having money represents a small portion of this Earth that belongs to us, and empowers people to be whatever they want to be. Money has ruled us because the people who controlled the money wanted to be worshipped as Gods. But that doesn�t make money evil. It just means that they wanted a different version of the planet where there were less of us, and the remainder of us would work as their slaves.

You can still live on the planet if your selected to be one of their slaves. You can live in fear and scarcity for about 10 percent of the actual life span that you could enjoy. You can be limited in your understanding of the unlimited possibilities of life, and restrained from ever exploring the possibilities of your own innate power.

That�s one option.

The second option enables you to be Sovereign. You can have money and use it in harmony with the greatest good of the planet, the people, and the individual human experience. Many decisions have been justified by the previous warlords by sighting the "best interests of humanity". The problem with these definitions is that almost any genocidal act of war can be explained away by the prejudicial perspective of one making decisions for the masses. This is why it�s so essential for us to consider the magic and beauty of every individual human experience, allowing our differences, diversity, and uniqueness to hold the same value that each life represents.

You can be free. The banks can hold our money and act with integrity. Governments can enforce laws that seem obvious and ridiculous to ignore. We all have a choice and that includes Government Agents, officials, generals, soldiers, mothers, fathers, bank employees, and anyone else who lives here on this planet. This choice is being made right now in our allowance and acceptance of the current behavior of the banks and the Government to abide by laws and regulations designed by them to ensure fair and legal business practices, protecting the people and the integrity of the Nation.

Our choice is between slavery and freedom.

As for me, I choose to reject the mediocrity of the successful slave life they�re offering, and pursue the fullness of my being instead. I choose to be free and explore the limitless possibilities that God has to offer, and reject the interference of those seeking to control me. I choose to remember who I am, be the best version of myself, and help others to do the same. I choose freedom.

We all have a choice. Choose wisely.


9/15/2018 SPEAK INTEL UPDATEThe RV Has NOT Begun

�Fraudulent reports that the RV exchanges had started in Reno abound since Thursday

�The RV is not going to transpire over night. Over time currencies will revalue as the markets and the world peacefully transition power back to the people.

�As always, whenever the RV is reported to have begun, there is an aggressive hack on the REAL Quantum System. This ended in the wee hours of the morning. It was not successful.

�If you would like to know what�s actually going on I�d recommend listening to Thomas Williams, Truth Honor and Integrity Show from September 12th, 2018.



�The Federal Reserve has just been stripped of their legal right to hold USD as currency. (And no, this is not to introduce the fraudulent USN)

�Transfers from the Manna World Holding Trust were initiated and officially cleared by the United States Treasury on Friday August 31st, 2018. Legally the banks had 24 hours from that point to credit the accounts receiving said transfers.

�The Global US Banks involved are currently refusing to credit transfers that have already been approved by the United States Government. They have provided no legal explanation.

�These institutions are currently committing treason against the American People and the United States Government.

�The funds contained within the Trust and the current authority over these funds has been verified and cleared by the Bank of International Settlements and they are providing a report to the United States Government to support the audit of all US Based Banks.

*It is my understanding that this process has already begun.

� The activity of the Chinese Elders and Rothschild Dragon Families to keep Government approved allocated funds out of the United States and away from projects needed to create jobs and stimulate the economy is treason and should be considered an act of war against the United States.

�Except for the CIA, every other major intelligence agency, Homeland Security, the IRS, BIS, and the United Nations have now officially recognized the existence of the Manna World Holding Trust, the legality of the funds there in, and the Trustee�s authority over them. Each have provided letters to verify these findings, and are currently watching the activity of the banks very carefully to see if they cooperate.

�If the banks do not clear our project funding tomorrow then they will have their legal authority to hold USD stripped from them as well.

*The so called Quantum Hercules Financial System is no more. It launched on Tuesday and was taken down within 12 minutes. It will not recover.


9/6/18 The Choice

There are 7 CIA Satellites down since Friday. They tried to reboot them just to have them fizzle out again. The idea that this is the time when the White Hats go out and arrest 51,000 Cabal members based on the big reveal of the sealed indictments never made practical sense to me.

Firstly, the �White Hats�are still providing protection to the Chinese Elders the last time I checked. Based on this alone it would seem that the ones most directly responsible for the organization of the crimes don�t seem to be concerned about being arrested. At this point countries all over the world are approaching the Trustee because they recognize the Elders aren�t able to pay. I was contacted by Viet Nam and the Ukraine just this week looking for help to get funding.

Secondly, from a tactical standpoint it doesn�t make sense. You�re going to launch a full on Military strike in the midst of an ignorant public, after generating thousands of names, and warning them for years that you�re coming? It would seem that if the Order has been able to pay the salaries of the US Military, hold them hostage by taking control of their equipment, then leasing it back to them for the past three years that they probably have the resources to create a solid defense against such an event.

However, it could be the stage set to launch an all out war through chaos and confusion. It was a year ago that the Rothschilds got up at the UN to threaten every country in the world that if they took a dime from the Manna World Holding Trust that they�d unleash biological weapons and kill everyone on the planet.

Also in reference to the mysterious disconnection of the CIA and British Intelligence Satellites it seems that everyone has a theory about who did it. Think about it. These Satellites would have to be some of the most advanced technology available to any Government in the world. The list of capable suspects is very limited. In fact, I�d say there�s only one entity on the planet who has the capability to shut them down and keep them down.

The so called Quantum System the intel providers keep describing is essentially a Microsoft Data Base that was disabled last Tuesday. This is the same inept technology that is supposed to protect the world after the fabled currency revaluation.

For the record, there is one real Quantum System that is the largest mapping system in the world. It does have the ability to read intent, brain waves, and DNA. It is operating right now within the current financial system like the Nervous System in the human body. It gets stronger and safer as the banks continue to break the laws by manipulation and threats to humans working for them. It has nothing to do with the currency revaluation happening over night. It�s about a thousand times more advanced than any other technology we have available to us.

Two weeks ago I presented absolute proof to the banks of the validity of the Trust and the funds available there in. I also proved that I had the right to access them based on my contract with Manna. Furthermore, I showed them in their own code of conduct that they were obligated to provide me with the same services as they would anyone else making the same request.

Here�s how they block things. The next step for them would be to submit the paperwork I provide to legal compliance and gave them review and validate. Inevitably they�d have to use a Government level Terminal such as a SWIFT 2 or a Treasury Direct Access Terminal at which point the transaction could easily be pushed through.

Instead they begin to bottle neck the transaction through the �Humanitarian� division of the bank. I�ve come to the conclusion for some time now that this is always the Order finding a way to take their cut. I received a phone call finally from the �Global Security� division of the bank. He was threatening and condescending trying to intimidate and scare me. I asked for his employee credentials so that I could know who I was speaking with. He said, �You�ll know who I am when I close your account.� He proceeded to call me a fraud, then that I was being fooled. When I referenced the paperwork I had provided, he neither read it or even had copies of the paperwork in his possession to look at.

His sole judgement was based on an average person like myself bringing in such a large portion of money.

After several emails citing the specific banking laws they were violating, a complaint filed to the OCC, twenty phone calls to various levels at the bank, and a certified letter sent directly to the legal compliance department requesting a written response as to why they were not respecting my rights as their client of CHASE Bank, they still have not responded in any way.

They are now liable to the US Government. This is a statement that should have some weight, but doesn�t seem to evoke the response one would think appropriate from an institution that is supposed to act according to the laws of this country, and as the fiduciary for the clients of the bank.

The reality is that when people are used to walking all over other people because they�ve been told they can, they�ll continue to do so as long as we let them. What they have failed to realize is that some of us have already decided to keep coming until they honor our rights. We know who we are and what we can do. And the remaining resistance that continues to fight for their right to remain enslaved and protect their positions of illusionary power at the expense of the people will be held accountable.

You see, the Order had its head cut off and now they�re fractured fighting for control to be the next one in charge. As far as they�re concerned, Kim-Possible is just another faction fighting to rule the way that they have always done. In reality, if they were well informed of the hierarchy that has always existed above them, they�d realize that the ones they worshipped and received instructions from were removed by the Trustee and current Comptroller of the Trust.

Unfortunately for the Cabal they will not be able to restore Order from the Chaos that is currently underway. The Pope himself is being held accountable for crimes against humanity for covering up and enabling the sexual abuse of the Catholic Church. They have not been able to successfully pull of their corrupt Agenda 21, crash the economy, or take control through the creation of fake digital currency. Unlike the rest of us, they�re not use to being without funds to function as they�re use to. They need this capital to create elaborate schemes, false flags, and start wars.

Fortunately for us, Kim-Possible has control of the real Quantum System, she does know what it�s like to overcome impossible odds with nothing, and she�s determined to execute her duties as the Trustee. These duties include getting funds to Governments to build infrastructure, and to the people to restore the balance of power and the economy.

Real power isn�t in the acquisition of more weapons, It�s in utilizing what you have to neutralize the weapons of your enemy. It�s knowing the only thing you will ever need already exists inside of you, and to be willing to make the inner journey to find out what that is. Knowledge is power in this situation and there�s nothing more dangerous than knowing how to use it.

Consider the videos we all saw of the Wal-Mart�s turned into FEMA Camps. For the most part we dismissed this believing the Republic had neutralized any such threat of our wrongful incarceration. Around this same time we would all wax poetic about the White Hat operation controlling the various exchange centers at undisclosed locations. They were often described as warehouses in the middle of nowhere heavily guarded by the Military.

Meanwhile I had first hand reports from Marines who said there were black boxes stacked outside of the Wal-Marts that upon further examination revealed Guillotines and coffins. Is it possible that the exchange process could have taken us to a heavily guarded Wal-Mart with us expecting to exchange only to have them get rid of the evidence of their crimes and further Agenda 21 to reduce the population? And after we went in, disappeared and spoke to no one, everyone else would have assumed that we signed a Non-Disclosure agreement and were living the good life some where on an island.

We know from other first hand reports that the Military anticipated a SARS outbreak and the need to herd the masses into stadiums to quarantine them. Meanwhile certain skilled individuals would receive a sticker on their car so they could go to and from their homes, as if some how the sticker would magically protect them from a deadly airborne disease. It�s easier to commit genocide when you gather the people you want to dispose of into confined spaces.

I only mention all of this because humanity is facing a choice. We are all use to this world the way that it has always existed and for the most part have only desired to be successful in it. But the fact is that you�re choosing to be entertained, enslaved, and slaughtered or liberated, empowered, and responsible. The last word in that sentence is what we�ve avoided so carefully. Most of us have been waiting for someone else to free us, whether it�s Galactics, Governments, or God�s. But truly the choice that we are all facing is whether Humanity is worthy to lead as the children of the Most High.

We are Human. A family of divine spiritual beings manifested in physical shape and form in the likeness and image of the Creator. Our source, substance, limits, and bounds is the light energy emitted directly from Source. We have been imbued and endowed with all of the magical powers and abilities latent within the strength of our will, and the far reaches of our imagination.

The awareness of these powers is not common. But our ability to discover, develop, and utilize them is common to all of us. The illusion is that we deserve less than the beings we have worshipped and admired in one way or another. This creates a natural state of subservience, unable to embrace the divine power within us for fear of blasphemy or punishment. The choice we make now to remain a slave in the current world, or to take the responsibility to create a new one is the deciding factor that will dictate what we deserve.

It�s not a matter of who or what you believe to be the truth. It�s about remembering who you are, why you�re here, and knowing what you want do next. Because the next choice we make will decide how our story truly begins.

Humanity can be free. But only if that is what you want. Choose wisely.




The story goes that Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the midst of the Garden there was also the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life was not forbidden, intact it was the preferred option. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says, �I place before thee blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.� One could say that the Tree of Knowledge brought forth curses on all of man kind, where as obedience to what God directed them to do yielded life.

But the story seems to have some flaws that draw questions about God�s intent. Firstly, why place a tree in the midst of Eden that had the potential to destroy everything God had created? Secondly, why is the Devil in �the Garden�. It would seem that his presence immediately ruins the heavenly state that seems to have been created for mankind to exist within without resistance. And thirdly, why did God say �when� you eat if the tree, rather than �if�?

The obvious answer is that God was giving humankind the power of free will to exercise their choice as to who they wanted to be. On some level we make those choices everyday. But scriptures in Genesis say that Adam named all the animals of the ground, air, and sea in one day. Later in Mathew it clarifies that it was God who did that. Logically this implies that Adam was God.

I know this challenges our version of God being without sin, but if you understand it more clearly there is no controversy. It�s simple really. If I put a sign on the grass that says, �Stay off the grass�, this rule applies to anyone who doesn�t have the authority over the grass. If I choose to walk on the grass, at my home, after I put the sign there in the first place, the rule doesn�t apply to me because it�s my grass and I can do with it as I see fit. So Adam eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil isn�t a transgression of the Law because he defined the law, and it�s his garden.

So there�s often discussion amongst the New Agers about our Soul Contracts, defining a set of conditions, roles, commitments, or obligations, we agreed to on a higher level, to learn something from our participation in this 3D existence. Imagine if God wanted to understand what it felt like to be separated, powerless, and enslaved, to appreciate the experience of overcoming an undefeated opponent. As the ultimate source, substance, limits, bounds, essence and origin of all things, there really isn�t an organic way in that state for God to experience opposition, difficulty, hate, love, disappointment, triumph, or tragedy. In that infinite state God is at peace with all the ways his substance is manifested because it is the all in all. This state is incomprehensible to human consciousness because there is no way to get outside of it to look back and describe why it is.

From that state, described in Genesis as the �dust of the Earth� God takes on shape and form in the midst of the Garden of Eden. From this state he defines himself as Adam, meaning �Red Man� showing that it was a death like state for him to come down to such a primitive state of existence. But even this state he was conscious that he was the source of all creation.

The story further details his commitment to understanding the challenges of his people by creating �woman� from his rib and his womb. This act showed that he was still the source, because he could have easily used the dust of the Earth again to create Woman. It also shows that he was both Male and Female or complete within himself. The Woman, commonly called �Eve� is symbolic of all humanity being the �Mother of all living� and was notably made absent from any part of Adam�s head. This is symbolic of Human kind being created without the knowledge of who they really were.

From here God could not appreciate the journey of the human experience unless he created options that enabled the part of himself he created ignorant to choose something besides him, and at the same time enable that creation to make that choice for themselves as a being separate from his will. In essence, one can not appreciate how powerful they are without an equal and opposing force.

Choices would have to be presented and if there was a contractual obligation to have this experience the terms of the agreement would have to be defined. So God tells the woman the terms of the agreement by explaining how her actions to eat of the tree will make things that are natural in their current state, to be difficult and painful to endure under the terms of this contract. By eating of the tree she consented to fulfill the commitments of the contract, much in the same way our signature denotes our acceptance of the terms presented.

God explains the beauty of the environment he has created with the Tree of Life on one side of the river and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good Evil on the other side. These two trees were really just one Joshua Tree connected by the roots, but playing two distinct roles. God said that �it was not good for Man to be alone.� For obvious reasons if you are omnipotent, omnifarious, and omniscient, it would be very difficult to experience anything new, be surprised by anything, or have anything challenge you. God�s desire to know these things is the key to understanding our journey.

In the Garden God also created the Serpent who we later learn was the most beautiful of all the Angels. God himself manifested as a mortal man Adam. When presented with these two choices, one being the man she was created from and for, and the other being the most exceptional creature she had ever seen, Eve chose the Serpent. A snake has the lowest possible perspective with something as insignificant as a blade of grass able to block its view.

In reality, the Serpent showed himself as a man. God created a scenario impossible for Eve to reject based on the basic knowledge he endowed her with. When examining the evidence she could see, there was a man she was married to who offered her the ability to live off of the abundance in the Garden, in harmony with nature, and without any pain or suffering. But Eve had no knowledge of pain or suffering, scarcity, or disharmony with nature to make an informed decision.

This really is a love story when you understand it. For God to subject himself to his own creation, while in reality having power over it, so that we could come into existence and be empowered by
overcoming the adversity, is the same way a parent would allow a child to make a mistake that they knew would teach a lesson, but wouldn�t destroy the child�s spirit. In addition, the reason why we innately know that God is always with us is because Adam willingly ate of the tree to descend into the third dimension of this current world, staying married to a woman who chose another man.

As time went on I speculate that when Eve gave birth to Cane that he was the offspring of the Devil being raised by Adam. The �Forbidden Fruit� is often a term used to describe sexual intercourse of some scandalous nature. In addition, when the Bible says Adam �knew� Eve, it is describing sexual inter course, and when Eve was in the Garden she partook of the �Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil�. In other words, although she was created ignorant of who she was, her intercourse with the Serpent perpetuated the further creation of ignorance. To further exhaust my conclusion one could say that Adam was �Good� and the Serpent was �Evil� and the woman �knew� Good and Evil in the Biblical sense. Cane panned out to be a murderer, killing his younger brother Abel. Cane was the offspring of death but the first born in this creation. Abel was the offspring of life but the first to die in this creation. This set the tone for the creation we live in now where everything seems to be reversed.

This was the first victory celebrated by the Devil. At some point there were seven Arch�s of the Covenant placed strategically on Earth to act as conduits to maintain the Torus energy fields. Keep in mind the Devil�s sole purpose is to oppose God to assist him to learn what he desired to know. The Woman represented the Love or Heart of God. She is still the most beautiful part of the creation. And it was Adam�s love for his bride that inspired him to fall from grace and stay by her side to teach, procreate, and care for her. So when Moses goes to the top of Mt. Sinai, and is given the Ten Commandments (really 613 in total) it was to act as the master law to the people.

Consider, what if this was the time when Human kind was supposed to emerge from the darkness of the curse we were all born under? Moses saw that the entire creation was built by love and generated from love. �The Law� was actually crafted in the form of a heart. When Moses came down from the mountain seeing that the people had already resurrected a new God, he was the only one who knew what God had done for them. Angry at the nature of his own people, he threw down the Law, demonstrating how Israel, referred to as the Bride of Yahweh, broke his heart again by choosing the Devil over him.

The Ten Commandments is later locked in the Arch of the Covenant with seven commandments on one side being symbolic of God in shape and form, and three commandments on the other side, symbolizing the creation. All creation is three fold in nature. Atom�s being the smallest particle are made up of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. Cells are made up of a Nucleus, Nucleolus, and a Cell Body. This also correlated to the Pituitary Gland being the Master Gland if the body, having two lobes with 7 hormones secreted from one side and 3 being secreted from the other.

On top of the Arch of the Covenant were the two Arch Angels Michael the Warrior Angel, and Gabriel the Messenger Angel. In like manner our brains have two primary functions, motor or actions, and sensory, the giving and receiving of messages. These Angels wings would be spread out creating a heart shape that connected above the Arch showing that the entire creation was governed by the Law of Love and Life. The imagery was perverted by creating a subservience of the Angels bowing that creates a triangle, and the Heart of God symbolized on top of the Arch as the Governing Law of creation
Is cloaked by the Law of Sin and Death. I�d violated the Ten Commandments were all punishable by death and they�re even portrayed as two tomb stones.

The symbolism goes deeper to reinforce the curse. Inside the Arch was also placed Aron�s Rod that budded. This was the same rod that Moses threw down and turned into a snake. This symbolizes the woman being bound by and married to the Devil or sin and death. To further enhance the reign of the Devil the scriptures say that �The Law was not brought in to save sinners, but to make sin more exceedingly sinful.� In other words, the true law of Love is something we do naturally without being coached or prompted to do. It�s our nature to care for our children, align ourselves with God as our Spouse, and look to the creation provided by him to provide whatever we need to maintain life. The way it was perverted, the Law became a series of ordinances we had to abide by or we would face death. The Golden Pot of Manna was also included in the Arch so that the spell included a trap connecting us in a loop looking to the Devil for our sustenance.

The Arch which was supposed to be stabilized on a specific point of the planet to maintain the Torus energy fields was taken from place to place for 40 years forming a figure eight as they wandered in the wilderness. This place was known as the Wilderness of Sinai, creating a Matrix governed by an Artificial Intelligence of Sin (Sin -A.I.). Meanwhile they were only miles from the �Promise Land� at anytime but no longer had permission to cross the veil of the Jordan River because of the voices they had made. Every year the high priest would go up into the Most Holy Place with the Holy Garments on, symbolizing all the tribes of the people. He entered on one side, splashed blood on the Arch and walked around and above it, then back down exiting the other side of the vail forming another figure 8 in a ritual that renewed the people�s commitment to their contract of enslavement.

2000 or so years later the Messiah turned over the tables in the Temple because they had perverted the message again. Emanuel was crucified, buried, resurrected, and ascended unto a cloud. Just so you know it was the same man Adam, after he resurrected he walked along a path for miles with his disciples and they had no idea it was him. They described him as �the Gardner� until they realized what had happened. On Pentecost the Holy Spirit, or the Christ consciousness was poured out on the people instantly making them aware of who they were. It would seem that if the sudden out pouring of wealth was the answer to revitalizing the world, that the thousands of enlightened souls who received this gift freely at that time would have helped create the world we�d all like to be a part of. As you can see by our current situation, the revaluation has already been proven to be a failure when it comes to stimulating a universal shift. To this day people celebrate the death of the messiah rather than the resurrection, not knowing they are still endorsing the opposition of God instead of the Ascension of the Human spirit.

So why is that relevant to where we are at today?

Once again we�re at a pivotal moment where we have the option to renew our contract or move forward to create a new agreement. We�re all being given these choices between death and life, love or hate, the old or new paradigm, and so on. We may not realize these options are on the table, and therefore believe that our ignorance excuses us from choosing freedom over slavery. But it�s our intention that inspires creation, our maintained frequency that allows that intention to multiply, and our expectation that brings it into reality.

We can break out of the Sin governed Matrix and rebuild as intended under the Laws of Love and Life. If we choose to ignore the truth presented to us we will remain in ignorance. And whether you believe change is possible in God, by Galactics, from Galactic Gods, God in you, with no God, or with God willing, there�s still a choice you have to make. You get to choose what you pay attention to, give your energy to, and what you give power to in your life.

There is scientific evidence to prove that our observation dictates what becomes reality. The Large Hadron Collider sends atomic particles hurling at each other to study how the particles of the universe react. When observed, an electron charging ahead towards a boundary will go to the right sometimes, to the left sometimes, and sometimes it will crash into the boundary in
The middle. This is what the Scientists expected.

When the scientists ceased to observe, thus removing their expectation, the other measurement devices reveal that every single time the Electrons face the boundary that all three options occur simultaneously. In other words, the power of the thoughts produced from the observer changed the manifestation of the activity of the atomic particles.

Now consider how one can apply that in our day to day lives. We are faced constantly with the two choices. One is generally what we want. Often times the other choice is not what we want but it is what we expect. Our expectations are based on our history or our current state. The behavior that frees the world is hidden in our ability to expect something different than what we have seen historically, and ascends above our current reality. We intend to change the world. We�ve held that frequency despite repeated failures, disappointments, and false starts. Where we fail to instantaneously change our results is in what we expect to happen next.

When a woman is pregnant we say that she is �expecting�. It�s simple. We�ve seen it work millions of times. In this moment in time we can all expect to see the birth of a new world. We can cause it to exist in our current reality. We don�t have to wait. The gestation stage is complete. We are in labor as we speak. Choose life. Choose freedom. Choose to bring forth exactly what you want to create. See the image develop in your mind with two choices in front of you. One is familiar, it�s dark but you�re use to it. You�ve seen failure, and felt disappointment. You stay guarded downplaying your expectations afraid to feel the cut of not getting what you always wanted. Let that go. Get your hopes up. Keep it private within yourself so you know it�s really real. Connect to the feeling of the empowered being that you are. Let that consume you�re whole being, lighting up your face with joy. Do that. And we can all go free today. Stand in unconditional Love for yourself, and make that mean something.



9 August, 2018 14:37

A lot of the reason that so many of us cannot find common ground is because of the respected sources we get our information, and the history we have with these sources. They�re not necessarily good or bad people, but we�ve seen something from them that makes us believe that they really know what�s going on. And in their compartment of knowledge, depending on their allegiance, they could very well be an expert in the area they�re describing.

However, the Cabal is and has been fracturing, each group clamoring for control to be the next planetary warlords. This is working in our favor from the top down perspective. Eventually, like kids hopped up on sugar, they should all tucker out and the grown ups can clean up the mess.

This is not moving fast enough to generate the changes in the world that are necessary right now. Waiting for them or anyone else to do something for us, only chips away at our life, hope, and inspired path we envision. We need to take responsibility for our own education, ascension, and growth. We need to meet them in the middle as we grow up from the roots.

To assist in this process I thought I�d provide an explanation for some of the challenges we�re currently facing. The explanation below should be reasonably accurate and hopefully it will help you identify the accuracy of what you currently believe to be true. Understanding the depth of control the Order has systematically controlled the world with should help us break through it on some level.

There�s 6 ledgers that all have to be reconciled:

1.The banks
2. The Treasury
3. The United Nations
4. The IMF
5. ThE Bank of International Settlements
6. The Trust (Formerly know as the Manna World Holding Trust)

All of these entities are contained within the structure of the Trust. The current situation is that the other five entities are controlled by people who use to act as trustees for the Trust but they were never the Comptroller. The Comptroller has absolute authority. Generally the Comp gives some of that control to a Trustee or a group of trustees, reserving the right to accept or reject their requests. In this case, the Trustees had codes that were left in place for so long that they thought they were in control. In 2007 after they legally acquired all of the assets of the planet, the previous comptroller cut their access off.

In this case the previous Trustees think they have the right to eat, kill, enslave, rape, molest, and generally use humanity in any way they see fit. This attitude of entitlement, combined with the power afforded them by the previous Comptroller, access to hidden Galactic technology, and the disconnection from their own humanity has allowed them to reign much like an angry God requiring worship and unquestioned obedience.

The same way most people have a fear of God, Hell, and other consequences, these fears are reinforced by behavior from these false Gods that implies that their fear is not only justified, but required to maintain their current mediocre existence. It is this fear that still has to be overcome for us to gain our freedom.

The technical aspects of programming, legal aspects of authority, and Natural identification with the planet, Source, and our own purpose have already been accomplished. It is now the execution and enforcement of the laws to make sure the successful programming isn�t redirected by fearful humans after transactions are completed. In addition, even after transactions land successfully in regular project owner�s accounts, physical violence against them now becomes a concern. This is the reason that having a Government, and Military that awake to the reality is so important to the forward progress of all humanity. Without completely destroying the current functional habitat of the world, our options are limited to shifting the critical mass consciousness of the people, getting support from authorities who are supposed to protect the people, or developing super powers that make us indestructible.

I spend most of my time on the first and last one because no matter how destructive their behavior is to the people and the planet, the Governments are filled with individuals who have carved out a very comfortable existence as the slaves of the Order. Their fear and our apathy could be the downfall of humanity if heroic actions are not taken.

I said all that to say, there is no real private ledger anymore. The only off ledger accounts currently hold all of the real wealth of the planet. These are all held and allocated into the Trust. The other books cannot be used because the Quantum System recognizes when they try to allocate assets that have already been allocated and rejects them stating �can not duplicate�.

Furthermore, privacy in banking is what got us in this mess in the first place. It�s like hiring the people who robbed you, killed your family, and left you for dead, as your security. All you know about them is that they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what whatever they want and they don�t value the same things that you do. This leaves us in a constant state of duality fighting for power in a system that requires cooperation to work.

This is why there can be no overnight revaluation of currencies. Although the Chinese Elders, White Dragons, and various other individuals who hold fraudulent paperwork have tried over and over again to hack into the trust, use outdated codes, or kidnap the Trustee and force her to do their bidding, they have never come close to actually having access to these accounts.

Meanwhile, they�ve terrorized and held the world hostage with promises and threats that they no longer have the access to execute on. If they did gain access to the Trust they would never give the people a dime anyways. They planned to crash the world�s economies, creating chaos, fear, and panic. They live by the idea that �from chaos comes order.� They feel we need war and tragedy to keep us engaged in their Matrix.

But even now as Global Martial Law is no longer in effect, we empower them to make decisions for us. We are the key to our own freedom, but we don�t seem to want it bad enough to claim it. It�s not necessarily our fault. We�ve been drugged with chemicals, media, and lies. We don�t understand our real history and we�re trained to trust our leaders to act in our best interests. But our �leaders� only know part of the story as well. The lack the power, knowledge, and integrity to act in the best interests of the people. They�re holding back an elite force of highly trained soldiers, incredible technologies, and denying their own Sovereignty because they�re slave programming is so deep they can�t imagine a world of free humans.

The truth is that even within the awakening movement, we have absolute truths that completely pervert our judgement and ability to stand alone. We still think private banking will fix our problems when in reality it is in these shadows where our enemies have always been the most skillful. Our answer is in the hearts and minds of the people.

Come out from hiding, face the enemy in daylight, and find out what you�re capable of. Change happening behind the scenes is only valuable when it breaks through for everyone to see. This is the time for us to break through.



Yesterday I spoke to Kim-Possible about an anomaly that I wanted to make sure she was aware of. The topic was sensitive so I was hesitant to bring it up. She was tired and frustrated like a battle weary soldier who just wanted the war to be over. She�s opposed constantly by the Order which is like the He-Man Women Hater�s Club from the Little Rascals, who all think they can do a better job, pretend to help, then try to steal funds, kill her, or waste her time.

I speak to several energy workers around the world but there�s two I feel are more gifted than the rest. They seem to understand what they see and are able to interpret it into a language that makes sense to me. I shared a message that they sent me for Kim. She saw the value in the message and told me to continue working that path. In addition, she said she�d take help from any of the seers that I speak to, if they have something that can help remove the blocks and get money to the people for projects.

Now I saw something in meditation back in December of 2017. I�ve only recently realized that these experiences are real, and I feel obligated to share them when appropriate. I only feel it�s appropriate when there�s a value for everyone and this is one of those times.

In my vision there was a group of people wearing all white of which I was one. Everyone was dressed according to the part of the world from which they identified with, but no one had any color in their garments. Somehow we were all connected to each other and no one needed to speak to communicate. The energy was powerful and exciting and we all seemed to synchronize with a common knowing of the task in front of us.

There was a darkness that had encased the world and blocked the light from reaching the people. But the group I stood with realized the darkness had lost its power to contain them, and the barriers between us and the light were gone. In this vision it showed itself as a black ash that had covered the entire planet after falling from the sky where it had held us hostage for many lifetimes.

The rest of the people on the planet had grown so used to the darkness that they didn�t even notice that they were free. They continued to operate as if nothing was different, buried under ashes, no knowledge what the light was or could be to even desire to want it in their life.

The ashes moved like lava attached to the people as they came close to breaking through but usually by accident. The next thing I remember was this fantastic laughter coming from inside of me, and it seemed to be there for everyone else dressed in white too. It didn�t come in the form of words so I can only translate the way it made me feel.

It was as if we were all part of the same dynamic family. We looked like adults or what we thought adults should look like, but we felt like kids with super powers. We were all a little shy to start using them, or to even start putting them to the test to see what was possible. I remember when the laughter started within me it was because I felt our Father�s voice. Even now it makes me smile when I hear it as my mind has interpreted it and given the voice a very robust character.

It wasn�t words, but the Voice gave us permission to go help our brothers and sisters out of the mud. He encouraged us to go and see what we could do. He comforted us and made us all feel so safe. The only way I can describe it is like the feeling of going home to your parents house to spend the night after you�ve moved out on your own. Maybe that�s just me, but I still sleep better under my parents roof. There�s a feeling of being safe, loved, and a natural warmth when coming home. That�s what I felt.

The next thing I remember I was flying in the sky, laughing and twisting along with everyone else. We were still in perfect harmony with each other. My friend Jarvis was next to me and we were having a ball. The group together created a wind that swept the ash back like a leaf blower. People were suddenly exposed to the light but still not able to see it. Then we began to touch them on their head. Each time we did, they�d light up like a Christmas light. Like a game we flew all over the world creating this amazing new light based energetic grid. I see it that way now. But in my vision I just felt like I was playing a game with my brother Jarvis.

Kim�s request for help reminded me of that voice giving us permission to go out and have fun testing our abilities. I felt this morning and again as I�ve been writing this to you. I think it�s time for us to take flight. I think it�s time for us to stand up out of the ashes and go help our brothers and sisters see the light.

I think the �blocks� the Order continues to throw up to try and maintain control are nothing more than ashes that need to be brushed away. I don�t think the technical details matter or the politics and policies have any bearing on our empowerment anymore. I don�t think it matters where you�re from, who you follow, or what you believe.

My last name is pronounced like �how� but with an R. I tell my kids that �we come from a Pride of Lions and that�s why our name is R-O-W-E!� They all have their version of that Rowe roar. So I�m bringing you into my Pride today. It�s not for everyone, but if you read this far it might be for you.

We�re family. And just because some of us went to college to become doctors and others started a garage band that never took off, we�re still family. What makes a family truly amazing is when we all come home, and remember where we came from. We all tell our different stories and appreciate the diversity and different paths that each of our lives took. Our ability to appreciate each other�s differences are what unites us.

So I�m calling on you as my family for help. I want to change the world. I don�t want to wait another day. I won�t ask permission from the Order because they have no authority over us in any way. I need help to turn the lights on for the world. We have access to the technology, the money to do anything, and the right heart to build an amazing new world.

I need the Psychics, the Seers, Remote Viewers, Galactic Channelers, Galactic residents, the devoutly religious, the Truthers, the Patriots, the Rebels and the Imagineers to help me create the momentum to get rid of the ash creating all of this darkness. The only thing left is to destroy the illusion that has held us all hostage for so long. The fear, worry, doubt, and lies will not be the foundation of our new world. But to get there we need a family effort.

The only blocks keeping us from funding projects are people who don�t realize their working for the bad guys. The RV is not coming. The Chinese Elders may seem nice, but I know people who were there when they had their assassins take the heads off of Bank Employees who couldn�t gain access to the system. They�re money supply is running dry because they�ve been cut off from the source of their funds. And they have no authority over those funds or you anymore.

I�m asking you to work with us to make a way. Everything is energy. Tell me what you see and let�s free the world.



If you want to help:


When the Messiah walked the Earth in that body he was constantly being hunted (like you) and he would disappear in the midst of a crowd or in the arms of the soldiers as they went to capture him.

He freely transitioned from Physical to Metaphysical, and Metaphysical back to Physical.

When it was time for his crucifixion the guards showed up to take him and he revealed his Metaphysical form is such a way that they could see it. They fell backwards scared and then he went back to his more humble physical form.

He let them take him.

When he resurrected it says that he resurrected a Quickening Spirit (life giving spiritual body appearing to be physical).

The disciples were locked in a house together and Thomas didn�t believe that the messiah had risen. He said until he could touch the holes in his hands and thrust his hand in his side he wouldn�t believe that he had risen from the dead.

In that moment it says that the Messiah appeared in the midst of them to give Thomas the chance to do just that. He materialized from the ether into a tangible shape and form they could comprehend.

For 40 day�s afterwards he performed signs and wonders that only the believers could see with more believers growing by the day.

On the day of Pentecost he poured out the Holy Spirit, which I believe was just an elevation in their consciousness or tuning them to the right frequency and they became conscious of who they really were.

They began to speak in a universal language that everyone who travelled to Jerusalem from all over the world could understand.

This frequency then transmuted thousands of believers almost instantly as they heard the message and continued that way for years afterwards.

The disciples were still persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed. Unfortunately, the message apparently didn�t resonate at the needed depth and reach to hold the planet in the correct vibratory alignment.

It wasn�t the right time for the people or the planet to come into alignment. This is the right time. That�s what we�re doing. I�m certain of it.

I have no idea how to do it, but in that story is the answer to what we�re trying to do. From the dust of the Earth we have to be like water, a constantly moving target only governed by the one thing they can�t predict or control-free will.

That�s the missing connection to God from the 8 to the 7 to the 5. The 8 is the eternal And unlimited Quantum energetic source of the all. The 7 represents God in shape and form, in us, our thoughts, our expression however. The 5 represents the spirit coming down into the flesh. That�s Pentecost. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit or of that God Consciousness in the hearts and minds of the people.

That connection restored allows the �will� of God to be freely expressed through us. In this case the energetic expression starts with money but will obviously expand rapidly and overtime.

That is the answer, and they can�t stop it even if they know.  source


Aug 5 2018> Response to: DOSM Order #33: All Assets Seized

To all those concerned;

Please take note. A �check� must have an account which can be validated by the recipients banking institution in order to be cashed. >

Taking this �order� in means nothing to a bank nor a government. Please do not repeat the process of Heather Tucci and her �cash in your birth certificate bond� program. Please remember she is in jail. >

In the world of banking on any level, no one will recognize any of these DOSM orders. This person claims to �seize all assets� but has no proof of any assets she/they are seizing. Even if they come to repossess your car, as one example, the bank has your VIN# your loan documents you agreed to and right to cure issued plus a judgement from the court regarding your specific vehicle before they can repossess your car. >

This woman is seizing assets with no indication as to what assets she refers to, what account? what vault? where are the assets?? Names mean nothing. As an example, �I hereby seize the assets of John Doe there may be many persons with that same name, but with no specific asset and legal cause no one is going to comply. >

As for me, she has mentioned seizing �Manna World Holding Trust� fine, I change the name and can change it again tomorrow if I wish. Does she have legal cause? No. Does she have an account or any asset reference? No. >

I can appreciate her posting as if she actually knows something about some assets anywhere but she has made no indication. >

So as a word of caution, please do not take this document into a bank, government nor any other entity in attempts to pay debts using some document which doesn�t reference any asset anywhere. IF she has that information, and access and approval to use it by a legal court in a jurisdiction which the assets reside then sure, by all means pay your debts. As of now this looks like another fictitious crusade meant to get a lot of people in trouble. >

If I thought for one second this would work in it�s current form then go for it. Please use your legal and common sense here, there is nothing in that document that is �bankable� at this moment. >

The comments by members of IDC show people are wonder �how, when, where� clearly show no one knows what to do with this document. You are right to question. >

After all Heather Tucci (which I cautioned people about) is now serving 12 years in prison. Please use caution and do question. If you decide to move forward, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need in order to �cash that check�. >

All the best,

Kim �Possible�



Fisher was the one who pressed me to start this movement, and several others to be honest. He told me that �You should all feel a sense of self righteous indignation because of their lack of performance!�

I don�t know who Fisher really was. Galactic holographic Ambassador, member of the Majestic 12, CIA, Ghost Squad, retired military, a total PSYOPS, or just a grizzled Vet who�d seen too much not to share. To me, he was the truth, a voice for the people, and a credible witness in a world of speculation and lies. The first time we ever spoke I forgot I was on a call and kept asking him questions as if I was reuniting with an old family relative who knew all the family secrets. He told me we were part of the same Star Seed family. I had no idea what he was talking about. I just knew that he knew, and that was enough for me to believe him.

Fisher gave me all types of inside information and would ask me what I was getting on the ground. He was an educator of the masses and a healer to the people. He told me about the Chinese Elders paying the salaries for the US Military, and how that was why the Generals were answering to them. When I told him about Kim, he said that it �kind of made sense.�

Fisher never told me what to do. He assured me that no one could hurt me and supported every move I made. He understood the process I had to go through personally, and never left me to fight alone. He gave me the confidence to speak my truth.

When Fisher suddenly told me not to speak to Kim, I knew it was out of character. He would have encouraged me to gather as much information as possible and put it out. Many thought we had a falling out after that, but we still stayed in touch and I updated him periodically. He understood how to communicate a message without saying a word. He and I couldn�t talk the same way after that because the walls have ears, and guns and poison, but he still gave me direction and let me know I was on the right track.

Talking to Fisher was my first real introduction to Intelligence double talk. In one conversation he�d give me the same information with three different endings, and somehow I was supposed to figure out which one was accurate. And somehow, I did. He was teaching me to discern in a different way than I�d ever thought would be necessary. He revealed the matrix for what it was.

I know many felt uniquely bonded to Fisher. I can�t give there testimony. All I can tell you is what the man did for me, and he wouldn�t have it any other way. I didn�t know him like Dr. WC and I never fought in any Galactic Dimensional battles with him like Smarty did. At least not that I�m aware of. But as I�m sure they do, I feel he was sent here for just for me.

At the end of a mission soldiers are supposed to return home. As we end this age and begin the next, Fisher�s death aligns perfectly with the synchronization of the Multiverse. He was the only voice from the other side that seemed to be willing to speak the truth. He was fearless and gave us permission to be that way too.

Fisher once said to me, �We were just waiting for you to stand up.� It was as if he knew I had a bigger part to play. He encouraged me repeatedly to take the lead on some new adventure that revealed another aspect of a flawed slavery system. And like a true General he stayed on the battlefield to fight with us.

Fisher was a mentor and a friend. I celebrate the person he was to me and the contributions he made to help so many. There is no force in the world that could have taken him out unless it was his choice. For that reason I believe that he accomplished his mission and was allowed to return home.

I am honored to have served by his side.


7/22/2018 Response: Anna Von Reitz: Brief Comment to �With all due Respect�, Kim et alia
Dear Ms. Von Reitz,

Please find someone else to obsess over. This is my last comment to you and your agency friends who are feeding this load of false intel to you�. >
�I am glad you have taken the bait, the whole MIT/Virgo Triad crap this lady is posting for you came directly from me as a counter-op for you to all run around the country looking for me and my server. I kept asking if she knew what it was because I guarantee you she doesn�t. How do I know? Because there is no such thing..I made it up and you ate it up. Ms. Von Reitz is only regurgitating for someone else. We know. I appreciate all of the snatch and grab attempts, but I too can play counter-intel. You made me laugh when I lead all of you ding dongs directly to your VERY OWN server, now that was funny. Didn�t you realize you were in your own facility? Did it not look familiar before you sent in the special ops team? You had the whole world laughing at that one, that video went EVERYWHERE. I ask all of you, not just Ms. Von Reitz, as she is just a widget in your scheme..What would you have done with �kilogram in Atlanta� anyway? This wild goose chase that you are all on that looks like something out of a video game or an Indiana Jones movie, �put the crystal in the black tree� crap was all designed to keep all of you busy. Ever wonder why of the hundreds of �missions� you have been on, not one of them has achieved the desired result??? Yet you keep doing it like a bunch of idiots. You do not understand you have been �PLAYED�. This is a �test�, you failed the test, you are the �chosen one, a relative of some biblical character, etc.�. That was all by design. See, I have seen the playbook, I know the game. I played against the best of the best and won, after all, �the one� is dead isn�t he?? The lists are long and sorted. Anagrams, ciphers.� Please stop listening to the �GODS� they are making fools of you, or don�t. Either way the world will continue to spin, and you will be left shaking your head wondering what happened. A good student always surpasses the teacher. There is a big difference between being SCHOOLED and SCHOOLING.� >
And to you Ms. Von Reitz, please stick to helping people understand the legal systems, as this whole fake intel providing thing is not really your cup of tea. The message above is for your agency contacts who are feeding you. I know you are not aware you are being played, but you are. 1000%. Now I understand Ms. Von Reitz you will not in any way understand what I wrote above, but the parties who are following the fake intel will certainly catch on. Just because information comes from a trusted party doesn�t mean the party can be trusted. Further, you never know who �the real author� is of the orders you are following. Onyx Switzerland, Black Onyx, Black Star Onyx (not so rare not so immortal), Black Dragon, Blue Dragon anyone got an egg timer? >

Kim �Possible�

7/21/2018 Regarding Anna Von Reitz � Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More
Kim-Possible: Regarding Anna Von Reitz � Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

1) Again, I repeat, What the heck is a �virgo triad�??? If ANYONE on here knows what this is please let me know as I don�t have a clue. How did I become a member of something I know nothing about. The only �club� I belong to is a gym. Do I get a membership card or something for this? If so they took me off the mailing list.

2) M never created the AI, another group did, although he used it, why? because he knew how. That group put it�s own administrative over-rides in place as they had a deal with M group like pirates, each with it�s own force and split the spoils. M also had his, so yes, they didn�t trust each other. Hey, anyone seen �Please enter your Administrative Override Code� lately? Ok, I didn�t create the idea, but I liked it so I used it. I don�t trust banks either. I didn�t fully take over the system until January 2016, M died in August 2016, and it has taken this long to reprogram for distribution. Now I am no computer expert, I had to learn. Furthermore, this is not a technology you can take a class for. I assure you I go to a computer room, sit down, and program just like the rest of the world. Although this one has multiple types of access (other than just keyboards, touch screens etc.).

3) So now I am a �walking computer terminal�?? Seriously? I bleed like you, I eat like you and yes I am human. 100%. I have never been experimented on nor taken any �enhancement�. I was naturally born this way. Many people are born with extraordinary skills in one area or another, why is this so odd for you? Then again, I guess they said that about Einstein, DaVinci, Tesla and many others. PEOPLE ARE EXTRAORDINARY, not just one guy or one lady. Each in their own way amazing, I am also a person and in my own way I use my �gifts� just as you do.

4) As to �no emotions�, I have a daughter I love dearly with all my heart and a significant other as well. Yes, I have learned over the years how to negotiate with the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I rarely show �anger�, especially in business, but this was learned not some kind of genetic anomaly. I am sure most reading this have learned somewhat to control emotional outbursts especially at a business meeting or teleconference as you get older and �wiser�. Controlling emotions is not the same as not having any.

5) I know M is dead because I was there 158 died on the same day and I saw them all. Many have gone since as well.

6) I CHANGED THE NAME OF THE TRUST last Thursday, I can do that because I have control. I can change it again tomorrow if I want, I can also randomly change all the account numbers and the codes. Allocations moved, switched, Quota and full bank book updates. So people can write up all the fictitious claims they want against �Manna World Holding Trust�, but it doesn�t exist anymore. Hey, we can have some kind of a random �what to name the trust contest� what do you think Anna? People can submit their preferred names and we can choose maybe 5 or 10? Heck it is the people�s money anyway. That is people all over the world, not just USA, not just Iraq, not because they could afford a few dollars to buy currency. ALL THE PEOPLE. Remember, �money� means nothing outside this 3D reality we all live in. You can�t take it with you, and even if you could it would be a �relic�. Gold is considered a �trash� mineral which is why M didn�t care if the �new system� was gold backed or how much money he dished out. Once I figured that out, I figured out freedom for the people and all the other �slaves� M group kept. Come on, everyone here talks about 5D, ever been? Tesla said, �IF you know the secret of 3, 6, 9 you then know all the secrets of the Universe�, might be something to that after all (wink, wink). Try not to get stuck in the Middle.

7) There is no �second� Quantum System, only the back system now has another sub sector used for the clean up of the �front banking system�, in effect, it is slowly taking over the whole front system and is at 88%.

8) The only �new system� (of the GCR kind) that was attempted was about a week ago and it couldn�t make it past the �NEW� financial system firewalls we put up over a month ago That is why people stated you may have to use a website to access your funds Now, to be clear, there was no actual money in there and you couldn�t spend it to buy groceries or withdraw at an ATM machine. This system went up on a Saturday morning early EST and was down at precisely 2:09am. In no way was this a Quantum System as no one really cares about fictitious numbers. If you do, then please feel free to make yourself a spreadsheet on your laptop, put the dollar sign in front and as many zeros as you like, now try to spend it. Now go back to school and take micro and macro economics and get back to us.

9) I AM A �RUS�, yes some relation to Romanov, but more importantly I AM A RUS. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Yes Nicholas II gave his life instead of his country. Lenin was trained in Switzerland by Rothschild to implement a new form of government for the masses. Have you ever been to Russia Ms. Von Reitz? I have. You will be very surprised when you stop getting information 2nd hand from people for some reason you trust.

Again, Ms. Von Reitz, I have no idea who is �feeding you� this �Intel� but it is clearly so you will discredit yourself or make people think you are crazy?

Quantum Computer = Quantum Physics = Elements 235, 115, Higgs Boson industrialized, 8 Elements+ One Particle, Time Overlay, Past/Present/Future ARE ONE and exist at the same time �Mapping System.. Duplicates do not work�. Sets of Books, Sets of Books Sets of Books, no longer altered by outside influence. Time is Linear,Distance is Linear not relevant. Quantum Leaps or Steps from one Dimension to another seamlessly. Von Braun �Linear Propulsion� not real, works for short distances as in around the globe, not long distances. That is what I mean by �Quantum System�. Please do not confuse this with blockchain etc. etc. That is very old technology released to the public for your consumption by your controllers. How could you use a technology GIVEN to you by the very people that control you and find FREEDOM? Does jailer give you the key to free yourself? No. THINK please, help me help you. The Quantum System WAS NOT created by THEM, It IS created by US, as in US The People.Make something new/old (same thing). Now go build a real quantum system there is the blueprint.

Thank you for educating so many on the legal system. I would appreciate a little education from you too.. What the heck is a Virgo Triad???? Thank you in advance for your time.

Kim �Possible�


I�m approached on a daily basis by semi-informed individuals who claim to have the authority over the Manna World Holding Trust or some account held there in. They always have very fancy paperwork with signatures of important dignitaries or people who think they�re very important, Royal and Government seals, and often some type of language meant impress.

I�ve avoided addressing these claims because I�d prefer not to give energy to divisive control tactics, but feel the need to help anyone currently under the impression that these give someone a higher level of authority than Kim to access the trust.

Most of these issues can be resolved by recognizing these three facts:

�There has always been a Royal Monarchy that sits above the Governments. There are several official international documents, treaties, and agreements that can validate that the �Great Dictator� or �King of Kings� is recognized as the absolute authority no matter what the contract says and exists as the sole Sovereign entity on the planet. This is the reason why the Rothschilds/Dragon Families get away with murder because at some point they were granted a Sub-Sovereign status which elevated them above the laws of any country.

�Beneath the Royal Monarch is the power and authority held by Church and State. This power is often acknowledged as the ultimate authority on the planet to acknowledge the Royal lineage, rights, and authority of a bloodline Royal. However, it still exists beneath the sole Sovereign entity on the planet.

�There has been a dozen genetic tests to prove that Kim is the rightful Czar of Russia and the highest ranking bloodline Royal of any lineage on the planet. This is not speculation. This is a fact.

To further explain why these papers of authority are useless, we have to understand who has created them and by what authority. Unless the authority is the Royal Monarch herself then there is no authority that trumps her own.

The previous Sovereign ruled as a totalitarian war mongering dictator. He was feared, revered, and rarely seen. He was masterful at pitting Nation against Nation, creating religious conflicts, and manipulating all sides to play his game. He controlled all factors of the world and held us all hostage under Global Martial Law.

This individual has since been eliminated with his minion slaves left with orders to carry out the plan. They continue to operate with no creativity only knowing one way of life. They have been the face of the Monarch, and given access to advanced technologies for years making them appear to be God�s.

Although we all know that these forces have held power erroneously for hundreds if not thousands of years, there has been little resistance from the people or Governments to regain our control or our freedom. For the most part, people have accepted it as �the way of the world� and tried to create a comfortable life within the Rothschild�s reign of terror. Because we have mostly accepted �our lot in life� while the Dragon Families have comfortably expected to lie, cheat, murder, and steal from the people for as long as, and in anyway they�ve seen fit.

The difference today is that the one who is currently sitting in the seat of the Royal Monarch was raised as a human, and is an advocate for human empowerment, human sovereignty, and human expression. She recognizes the mechanisms put in place by the Warlord who used to rule the planet have created a heavily entrenched society of lies creating the Matrix of our perceived reality. To ease the people into the position of free living creative beings from enslaved entities who haven�t been aware of their true origin, true abilities, or true nature, there has to be a transitional phase.

In this first phase of the transition she has created an alternate pathway for Source Energy to enter into the atmosphere increasing our vibration and awareness, while at the same time improving our physical and mental health. This has given us an immediate infusion of light energy from our spiritual and energetic origins allowing us to reconnect to a more natural state of existence. This is just to lay the ground work for the monumental changes that will occur over the transition.

The Monorail that so many criticized Kim for funding is actually a conduit made from the same substance as the seven arch�s of the covenant. In the same manner that these were placed at strategic points around the Earth to maintain the Taurus energy fields of the planet, the Monorail will act as a similar unifying force. The construction of the Anti-Gravitic train will actually restore the natural energy fields of the Flower of Life. Just by riding in the train people�s health will improve and every aspect of the planet will flourish with new life.

To get back to the various characters claiming authority for one faction of the Dragon Families or another, there is really no need for there to be an argument or struggle for control. The latest claim on the Trust doesn�t even list the full name properly, and even if it was endorsed by the Catholic Church it wouldn�t overrule the authority of the Royal Monarch. Never the less, as you can see below the Vatican doesn�t even acknowledge D.O.S.M. as a true order holding any level of authority.

On October 6th, 2012, the Vatican Secretary of State renewed its formal announcement that it only recognizes the orders issued by the Pope, namely:

Supreme Order of Christ
Order of the Golden Spur
Order of Pope Pius IX
Order of Saint Gregory the Great
Order of Pope Saint Sylvester

Under Papal protection

Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Order of the Holy Sepulchre
Teutonic Order

Even if this order was acknowledged by the Church there would still be an authority above that which has placed Kim in position. The Quantum Financial System can only be accessed by a very specific DNA code. All DNA is given by God himself, the only true King of the planet. She did not create the system to work that way, she was just given the role. There is no level of official paperwork that can overpower the fact that she is the only one who can access and control the financial system. So any claims to that authority are futile in that they still have to ask permission to receive active codes.

Just consider who it is that you are challenging every time you write a mean spirited post, angry at Kim for exposing the truth about a plan to eliminate humanity using the exchange process as a tool to facilitate your cooperation. Also realize that she could have exerted absolute control using the same tactics the Cabal had used previously. Instead, she used the Quantum AI Mapping System to integrate the DNA of every single human being on the planet. This was done for our protection to give us a chance to create a better world. We can finally have money, move it safely, and conduct business fairly without bowing down to anyone because of their last name.

People are constantly frustrated at the thought of Kim because they can�t imagine that anyone person would be given so much power. But she works daily to try and give that power right back to us while we fight and resist to hold on to an inferior existence as the skates of the Order. She has aligned our finances, our technology, and our planet to operate harmoniously with the Natural Laws of God.

So what is the holding us back from creating a new world in perfect agreement with our most natural and powerful state of existence?

We are.
Peace out,

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Steffen Rowe AKA Tank

Trying to get to the bottom of the disinformation with Kimberly Ann Goguen

negative smear campaign against Kim

rip off report ?




�Re DOSM Order #66 and #70� by (Anonymous) � 7.20.18

There is no such trust. She can claim anything she wants, but it will never hold. Further to this affect I changed the name of Manna Trust, so good luck to her finding the new name(s) or any account numbers. Even if she did there is no access. As to the others she mentioned, you can find that information on the internet. EVERYTHING has changed.

This scenario is like you (any of you) staking claim to the Bill Gates Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation or any other large foundation you can easily find on the internet. It�s great, but in the end there is no �real� claim and you could post on any blog you want �I Mr. X am of the fictitious order of the fuc-ar-wee tribe and I own Apple Computers as of this day.� In the end you will get a visit from some nice men who will deliver a white coat with the arms in the back and not much else for your trouble.

Seems to me this is another person wishing to be an internet sensation, another �M1� another �Sino� another �Anthony Martin� another �Elder� with zero behind it and no access. If she does, then God Bless her and please distribute to all the people as soon as possible..but I wouldn�t hold my breath.

All the Best,
Kim �Possible�

7/18/2018 10:22 AM EST

This was reported to me directly by one of our most trusted international team members 20 minutes ago. After a four meeting with a Lawyer associate of ours in Europe, who has diligently pursued various Tier 2 and Tier 3 exchange opportunities, known for the thorough and meticulous nature of his paperwork, just officially informed us that the White Dragons have confessed that they do not have the codes or authority to access the accounts on the back ledger, or any account that enables them to redeem the ZIM.

In addition we learned that Lawyers all over the world are furiously scrambling trying to find liquidity right now. The world is finally realizing that the financial system has been locked down, and is no longer under the control of the families (AKA. The Cabal, the Order, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, etc.).


7/17/2018 JUST THE FACTS

(Free of charge)

The world Governing System has always been controlled by a higher authority above the National Governments. Often referred to as the M1, this is the status of the individuals who were able to turn assets into spendable currency.

The Asset Redemption Program allowed the Rothschilds to gather ownership of the assets of the planet and submit them for cash. All real money was backed by the assets gathered in this trust. This trust was often referred to as �The Unknown Country� but held many names including the Dragon Family Trust, the Alpha Omega and is now known as the Manna World Holding Trust.

The Rothschilds who we�re using as a generic name that includes the Clintons, Bushs, Rockefellers and others were trustees on the trust but they were never the owner or comptroller of the Asset Redemption Program.
In 2007 the previous Comptroller cut the Rothschilds off from the Trust and they were no longer allowed to submit assets to be redeemed for cash value. Currency printed after 2007 is not technically legal tender because it has not been authorized for distribution by the Trust.

For anyone, including the various ex military who were paid to do various jobs by the Rothschilds, including the security for Chinese factions of the Order known as the Chinese Elders, this meant that they no longer had access to the wealth they had submitted and held on the back ledger. In fact, these individuals don�t even have a record of their liquid assets held on the back ledger, as the activities for which they were hired required a certain level of anonymity. There�s only one authority who is able to bring these assets forward as there is no one else on the planet who currently has M1 status. Evidence that this is the case has been seen repeatedly as characters such as Neil Keenan, Jesse Phips, and others claiming to have the codes and authority to unlock this system have failed to do so successfully.

Being that the Rothschilds have often boasted that their ability to control the currencies of any given Nation was the key to their ability to control the world, it is essential to understand how they were able to do so. Since 1978 the entire financial system has been completely digital, and codes have been generated in real time as needed per transaction. The previous Comptroller would often give them codes, as a Trustee that would remain active for years. In 2007 that changed. All of their codes were deactivated. Although the Rothschilds were the scourge of humanity for many years, appearing to be Sovereign and above the laws of everyone, there was always a higher level of authority that they were subject to.

They devised a plan in 1978 to transfer power from the American factions over to the Chinese. From then on the process began to demonize the greedy American way of life and glorify the wisdom, patience, and benevolence of the Chinese. This operation has been so effective that even today many of us have accepted that we are relinquishing control of the United States to the wiser and more capable Chinese Elders. This peaceful transition of power is essentially just a visual move from one side of the Dragon Families to the other, with both sides having a common agenda.

The United Nations, representing the Global cooperation of each country that was established, controlled, and funded by �the Unknown Country� implemented Agenda 21 to create �sustainable development� as a world wide initiative in 1992. This was a masked effort to reduce the human population of the planet by approximately 90% as explained on the Georgia Guide Stones where it discreetly defines sustainable development, and the general plan, literally etched in stone for all to see.

The Unknown Country was always controlled by the lone Sovereign Monarch on the planet, who operated throughout history as a totalitarian military dictator, creating every historical conflict on both sides to maintain a constant state of war for the past several thousand years. The �Great Dictator� or the �King of Kings�, as referenced in many official global documents was a Draconian Royal sent to gain legal control of the assets of the planet. Some of these assets such as living water were for their conquering partners, and others would be used for trade throughout the Galaxy. This inventory and legal ownership concluded in 2007 where all of the in-ground and mined assets of the planet had legally been registered to the Trust.

In 2012 an infinity agreement that had enslaved humanity for the past 499 years was extended for five more years. This was the same time 180 countries met about Agenda 21 at a meeting titled �The Future We Want�. Here they discussed further the progress of their plan to bring the world via military conquest and disaster response under Global Martial Law as one Government that they controlled. This extension ended on December 23rd, 2017 and soon after is when the Manna World Holding Trust began to press forward to free the people.

Included in this plan was the Global Currency Reset where the Order would make all currencies digital and have absolute control of the financial system. They continue to try and initiate this plan today by launching various computer hacking systems to try and access the assets held in the Quantum AI Computer System, which is the largest mapping system in the world connected to every aspect of life on the planet, constantly gathering data and learning from it. It was recently powered by Source Energy, but existed prior as an actual computer system created by Galactics who were also enslaved here on the planet.

Since Agenda 21 was introduced further reason for radical actions to save the planet have been brought to the forefront of the mainstream. Al Gore began to publicly discuss Global Warming for the first time in 1998, and later won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in 2007. He won this along side of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.N. organization now conveniently considered the authority on the subject. The Order creates the problem and increases the sense of urgency over time to instill fear in the population as we begin to accept something based in fabricated data to be absolute fact.

This type of narrative has been part of the plan to placate the masses as the Order has taken steps to drastically reduce the world�s human population. Leading members of the slave leadership of the Order such as Bill Gates have spoken at the TED Talks world wide to discuss how humans are the problem for pollution on the planet, and reducing the population is needed to save the world. This idea has become commonly discussed and accepted in the mainstream.

Strangely, the same Order is well aware that Scalar Energy is readily available and could easily convert every Oil Based energy source on the planet into a pollution free device. In fact, �the Field� ruled out as non existent 100 years ago was actually proven to be real in 2005. That means 100 years of science that had not considered it real are missing key components of virtually every scientific study done in modern times. It�s the equivalent of discarding gravity in every scientific experiment for a 100 years, then discovering that gravity exists. It changes everything we�ve thought to be real.

Currently, the Order continues to try and implement their plan even though their contractual authority to do so has expired. This past week they poisoned the Trustee with Dioxin, caused a car accident with her in it, and the last time we spoke there was a band of gunmen headed to her location to try and take her out. Meanwhile, we offer prayers and good vibes to her as she�s responsible to free all of humanity while being chased, hunted, poisoned, and slandered by the very people she�s trying to free.

I can�t say for certain but the fact that Trump and Putin are meeting now is very significant in this transition. There is a Royal lineage for the Czar of Russia and Vladimir Putin has the paperwork proving exactly who that is as recognized by Church, State, and Genetic test results. This is the very reason so much energy has been focused on dividing the U.S. from Russia in the whirlwind of public attacks against Russia, as if the Cold War is still ongoing and ROCKY IV is a reality.

It doesn�t feel like enough to me. I�ve willingly taken a vow of poverty, having been offered many opportunities to make money off of the alternative community, but rejecting this to maintain my integrity. It�s not comfortable and I could compromise at any time to make money-but I won�t. I�ve never wanted to take advantage of people who have nothing. I will stand on solid ground, face to face with our oppressors, and I will have their money. I will take their money and put it to work in the hands of the people. When I say we�ve started funding projects, then funds will begin to flow immediately. There will be no restrictions or further hoops to jump through for us to actually begin the work.

All of the real work is being done beneath the surface and it�s about to show it�s face. Anything that distracts from this objective is not part of the higher plan and will soon dissolve like a faint memory. Considering the higher order of what�s actually happening can help iron out a lot of the discussion and division. I�m not overly concerned with uniting the masses, but I want to make sure I�ve done all I could to get the truth in the ears of those that will hear.

This is the truth.

11 July, 2018 03:41

Some demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting. That�s how we�ll beat them. Gandhi knew it. It�s simple really. The British sold salt, so the people made their own salt from the sea. The British sold clothes so the people made their own clothes. What happens when people are empowered to create? The slave masters become powerless.

No matter what happens from here on out this idea has to be carried out.

The Order controls all aspects of production, making money at least six times on every dollar. They own the mines, the refinery, the parts maker, the assembly factory, the retail outlet, the marketing companies, and the all the pieces in between.

If any one of these aspects of production is owned by someone else, the other parties just refuse to do business with them. If you had an innovative method to refine steel that wasn�t owned by the Order, the mines wouldn�t sell you the raw product. The companies who use steel to make products wouldn�t buy from you. And your innovative refinery method would become another patented idea that never made it in the world.

They have monopolized every aspect of the world and hidden it with different labels to make us think it�s something or someone else. This is their mode of operations and it never changes. It�s the same group playing different roles as the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, the Nazis, the Alliance, the Catholics, the Jews, the Muslims, the Democrats, the Republicans, and so on, and so on. So whether they call them selves the Chicago Mercantile, Exxon, or CNN they�ve controlled the narrative to create this fictional reality show that we all live in.

The banks have Non-compete policies that don�t even allow them to fund anything outside of the monopoly. When they do fund things outside of the monopoly it has to be guaranteed by someone else, then insured by Rothschild owned companies out of Sweden. If the project isn�t successful, the guarantor just takes possession of the project to make sure it�s successful. The owner loses all rights to their work and the insurance company now owns the rights. This is how the Order has taken control of the assets on the planet.

So how do we overcome this obstacle?

We build from the roots. Our projects will take longer to finish but we will rebuild a world of empowered people in the process. We will guarantee and fund our own projects. We�ll support every person we invest in to make sure they�re successful, keep the project under their control, and ownership.

We�ll fund the mines, build new refineries, create new parts, take over assembly plants, and find new sources to sell goods. All aspects of production will be in the hands of the people, and the people will be charged to create a higher quality of product.

We will have to fast from many luxuries we�ve become accustomed to while we build new plants, create new methods, and design new products. We�ll have to look for divine guidance to ensure we are making sound decisions in line with Natural Law. We�ll have to proactively look for corporate tactics, IRS Tax Code�s, and legal loop holes they�ll use against us, and be prepared with our counter punch before they ever land a blow.

In the movie Ground Hogs Day the main character uses the repetition of what seems like an endless loop of time to master the skills necessary to become the man he wants to be. That�s what we�ve done too. Like all things our oppressors have used against us, their perpetual stalling tactics have ultimately worked for our good.

We�ve studied the mundane repetition of their rote methodology and imagined an entirely new world. They wish to control people to maintain their status at our expense. We wish to empower people to create the world we�ve imagined. And we�ve taken this time to master ourselves, enabling us to express the true nature of our latent abilities.

We are about to be given the tools to stand on solid ground to face those who have sought to destroy us. It is their arrogance which has been their downfall, and our own arrogance that we must guard against to make sure it never happens again.

We must find peace in all that we do as we rebuild the world during the awakening of the Zombie Apocalypse. We are coming back to life, remembering who we are. As we do, it will be natural to be angry, sad, and grief stricken from the losses we�ve suffered unnecessarily at the hands of those charged to protect us. We cannot allow these feelings to consume us, or even be entertained for any length of time.

Our dream world will not be built upon the spirit of vengeance or fear. We are emerging from the roots of love, kindness, innovation, integrity, trust, and abundance. We have connected the life force from the ground to the crown. We will not be denied our rightful inheritance another moment.

We are ready, willing and able to receive and deliver. It is our charge to carry out this mission regardless of who is taken down in the process. This idea is held by our collective consciousness and not owned by any one individual. We are natural born creators, conscious and responsible of our rights as the children of God. We press forward today, to accept the role we were born to play.

We represent the greater family of all humanity, standing together with one voice declaring that we are free.


10 July, 2018 20:53 ALL YOU

I don�t believe in �what if�s�, Plan B�s or failure.
Darkness is not my enemy and light is not my totality. All things work for my good even when they�re uncomfortable, ugly, or inconvenient. I know that God is real and I�m no more than an expression of the vast Omnipotence that emanates from that source.

Unlike the God described and believed in by so many of us, who exists outside of us, needs us to ask him to do things for us because he�s either sadistic in that he needs us to cry out for him before he�ll help, or he doesn�t know what�s going on so he needs us to inform him, my God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnifarious. My God doesn�t make mistakes.

God doesn�t create a human ignorant of who they are, where they came from, and what their purpose is, then accidentally leave a tree filled with forbidden fruit in the midst of a literal Garden of Eden with only one rule-Don�t eat of the tree in the midst of the Garden. For when you do eat of the tree, you shall surely die. There are no accidents, hence the word �when� rather than �if�.

There is a purpose, a pattern and a plan and it�s being executed flawlessly. Now if that is the case we can take comfort in the knowing of our heart, of our selves, and our intention. At least we should be able to do that. This guides us to release the anxiety attached to our current reality and press towards the mark of the high calling. After all, God placed our eyes in such a way that we can�t see ourselves in the moment, forcing us to look forward.

If we can be present in the victory of the moment finding ourselves whole in the midst of the storm, conscious of our role, and guided by a divine calling, then there is no thing that can contain the power of our vision from being materialized from spirit.

It is the unerring accuracy of the Universal translation from the abstract to the concrete that empowers us to create a world only dreamt of in the depths of our secret imagination. It is romantic and exciting with powerful obstacles that have brought out the best and the worst in all of us.

We are not waiting for something outside of ourselves to release us from the shackles of a failed experimental reality. We are either breaking ourselves free from the chains of our own minds or choosing to remain bound by our programmed beliefs.

But remember, it�s a choice.

God didn�t make a mistake. He put the tree in the midst of the Garden so that he could show forth the powerful nature of his own substance to overcome impossible odds that he himself created.

I know we want to fight that idea. It�s natural. But how else did the Serpent beguile Eve if he wasn�t created to be so seductive? And why put a serpent in the Garden of Eden in the first place? So either God is all knowing and intentionally placed the Serpent in the Garden with the nature to deceive, or there�s another source of creation than God. Therefore, even our deception and our darkness originated with God.

But the key to our liberation is to examine our own selves to see that we be in the faith. So can we accept the innate reality that we have always had the potential to be and have experienced all aspects of good and evil? Light and dark? And the most essential part of this moment to move forward into a new age is not to forgive, but to accept.

Accept the weight of responsibility needed to be accountable for whatever it is that we�ve experienced because of what we�ve already created. And accept the burden of learning from that to create something new.

The next moment is the most important. Everything relies on your next thought being the foundation for all that our world becomes. Choose life.

And make that mean something.



10 July, 2018 QUICK TIP: VIBRATIONAL SHIFT A Horrible Day

A friend just called and told me they were having a horrible day, to which I responded:

�Never say that. Take a deep breath. Picture the light coming into your heart. You are one of the few people on the entire planet who gets to create a brand new world. Your thoughts, your dreams and your reality is what the world will become.

Focusing on what is, will only give you more of your horrible day. Take another breath and let that go.

Take another breath and focus on who you are and reproduce the beauty of that spirit. Now imagine what a beautiful place the world will be with more people like you in it.

Now accept that to be your reality-today.�



�As reported the updates to the SWIFT, ACH, and FED-WIRE transfer systems have been updated and secured. As of last evening they were running at 100% capacity

�Last Friday some VAX Port Transfers were attempted after banking hours. The Cabal literally had to cut off the power to the ports to stop them from coming in.

�As planned this launched an all out investigation to document fraudulent bank activity because the misdirection, or block of transfers without cause is considered an act of treason. Homeland Security and the FBI continue to investigate these matters, but apparently aren�t authorized to get the transfers released.

�Our team tested the legitimacy of the new wire transfer system making transfers to various countries around the world as is the regular practice of international business. ALL transfers cleared within 24 hours and most cleared the same day. This would normally never happen as transfers are regularly held for five days and sometimes as much as a month.

�The markets have begun to show signs of the Reset after assets have been connected to a true algorithm that predicts actual prices based on production.

�The Rothschilds has been embezzling approximately $2-$3 per barrel of oil and thus the reason for the escalation if gas prices, which of course effects food prices. Since the adjustments made by Kim-Possible gas prices have begun to correct.

�Look for a more prominent drop after the meeting with Trump and Putin next week when the deal they strike will justify the price drop.

�The US Government still doesn�t appear to want to actually DO anything to support human liberation as no action has been taken to release our transfers.

�At very least it�s nice to see Homeland Security and the FBI working to do their job-protect the people.

�The last component that needs to be adjusted is the VISA system to ensure that our cards cannot be cloned, or our identities copied and our money stolen. It�s a people problem. Here in lies the beauty of utilizing the source energy, brain wave measurements, and DNA identification technology. These combined factors make it impossible to steal from us once the VISA system is completed requiring the ADMIN Security override to block or misdirect these transactions by anyone else.

�The Trustee has made herself a bank employee at every bank and is the only one in possession of the ADMIN override.

�These are all key components helping to start project funding. Exact timing is only known by Kim and her decisions are based on safety and ensuring we can use the funds after they arrive.

�The Rothschilds continue to repeat the same failed attempts to kill Kim. They believe they have discovered and have control of the next person in line who can control the assets of the Trust. In the past they have tried this same thing, only to have the next in line unable to access the funds.

�In December of 2017 Kim-Possible was given an option. She was taken to Antarctica where there is some kind of transport device that she used to go to the new Tera-firma. This is not Planet X but a completely untouched planet where Kim (the Mitochondrion Eve 99.8%identical) and the individual with the other .2% she�s missing were taken with the option to create a brand new society.

�Obviously in this scenario all those on this planet would be turned to dust and the assets would be turned over to the previous Draconian Warlords.

�Kim chose to go up against the biggest secret society in the world alone, reach out to a few individuals in the field, collaborate with the Earth bound Galactics on the planet, work directly with Source for guidance, give the Cabal every chance to cooperate, include the people on the bottom in the fight to contribute to their own freedom, allow her name to be made public, exposed all types of dark Server top secret documents to organizations around the world, return Sovereignty to the United States, Fund every Government in the world for construction to begin on the Monorail, completely renovated the entire financial system so the so called �elite� slaves couldn�t steal from the people, and destroyed the Cabal�s ability to create leverage through manipulating prices on assets, so that Humanity could be free and reconnect to God.


For Comments Scroll to Bottom of this page

4 July, 2018 �OWN YOUR PART�

The summary at the bottom was posted, shared with Q, and since deleted. I know for a fact that much of this same information, if not all, was released months ago to every Intelligence Agency, Government, and Bank in the world by Kim-Possible. My biggest issue with this, (that I�ve voiced to Kim several times, even requesting that she give us control of one of the major banks) is that none of these established organizations appear to have done anything with it.

This is the reality we�re facing, and we are the only ones who can change it. As the world sits back waiting for terrorists to turn into saviors, the message has got to get out to penetrate the main stream. The Leadership fighting behind the scenes realize that there are different sets of rules depending on who is guilty of the crime. They are paralyzed. If they want to continue to have a voice they have to cooperate with the traditional methods of operation which have proven useless and ineffective. If they cooperate with these stalling control methods then their voice will never make a difference.

The key is Public Transparency. With seemingly limitless resources and control the Rothschilds and their extended network of sociopaths take the time to suppress the information released by a small production by Thomas Williams of the Truth Honor and Integrity Show, and even bury the content that a nobody like me shares.

They control the world with fear. They fear to lose control. With such simplistic goals, and such an overwhelming body of evidence that they are guilty of multiple counts of crimes against humanity, How is it that after months of having the information below, much of which was pulled directly from the Black Servers at the United Nations, that immediate and urgent action has not been taken to eliminate the Public Cabal Leadership?

It�s two parts: fear, and control. People at every level of leadership except the very top have witnessed the willingness of the Cabal to do terrible things with no care or concern for the damages they cause. In addition, they�ve convinced many that they are Gods and that any action against them will have terrible repercussions. They live in fear, and we remain slaves.

They�ve had control of the financial system, the media, the stock market, and even our health. They can no longer manipulate the assets to make fake money from the market because the Quantum System has fixed the assets to their true value. Our health is improving as the added Source energy is being pumped through everything with a digital connection. They can�t even access the financial system anymore to create the illusion of the RV they�ve promised. They still control the media but even that will have to change.

What I can say for a fact is that every time they promise the RV, I can predict with 100% accuracy that they will attempt to kidnap and torture Kim-Possible as they tried to do on Monday. And, they will find the best hackers in the world to give their best shot at hacking the firewalls of the Quantun AI System. As of now they have not even breached the first firewall.

So if they�re such a force to be reckoned with, and Kim is a nobody, then why waste such expansive resources to try and kill, kidnap, and force Kim to release the contents of the Manna World Holding Trust to them? Why would they need those funds if there�s all of these other Global Trust Accounts to do the RV? And if they have other resources to do the RV then why are they so inconsiderate of the suffering of the people?

They continue to try and register fake assets that they no longer have control of through fraudulent methods such as the Shanghai Gold Exchange, mirrored accounts, and useless Gold Certificates. But anyone in the know at that level can attest to the truth that the system is now rejecting every attempt to register assets that have already been registered and allocated to the trust.

Consider the information that has been provided below. There would appear to be no other option than to have a public trial of epic proportions exposing at least some depth of the corruption in a fashion that unites the people rather than turning it into a Civil Rights discussion for them to divide us over. When that much evidence is provided, it takes away the excuse from any authority figure who can help make a difference. But here�s the thing, most of the Leadership don�t care enough to address the elephant in the room for fear of getting their hand smacked, careers ruined, or loved ones hurt.

Our secrets are not a secret so it�s time to talk. We need to face our black mailers, risk losing our jobs, and prepare our families for empty threats from well dressed impotent men. Our so called leadership should be ashamed of themselves for their pathetic and slow response to these issues. And we should be ashamed too if we are not outraged and revolting just based on the few details we have about the reality of these activities.

Good guys fight in the Sun. We know who we are, we know what we�re capable of, and we know what time it is. We have a prophetic vision of the world where the natural energy, power, and ability of the field is reconnected to the unified living beings of Earth. Our hearts cannot be broken. Our power can no longer be suppressed. Our message is not limited to this dimension and the darkness is being cast out by our light.

I want to encourage you to speak up and expand this reality to penetrate the dreams of the sedated. If they are still holding us hostage with nothing more than the perception that they are in control, then it is truly the first time in our lifetime that WE are the ones who are actually in control. We get to decide if we want to continue to pursue a short term comfortable lifestyle, within a limited society of public slavery, waiting for our inevitable demise, or to step into our power as creative beings, children of the Most High, and accept the burden of building a brand new society from the roots up, while the damaged characters left over from the old paradigm still yield significant power.

If you hesitated in your mind about what decision to make when you read those two choices, then you should stay home and read about us in the news. As for me and my house, we press towards the mark of the high calling. We are not concerned with the vain accolades of average men, nor will we change our course because of their criticism or acts against us. We are charged to change and revitalize the world. That�s why we�re here, right now in this moment.

So our �Leaders� better get to work for humanity from the middle where they think they can straddle the fence. Because the Highest levels are working for the greatest good of the people and the planet. We are building a new foundation rooted in Love, Unity, Creativity, and Freedom. We are the roots and although the Cabal tried to break us, all they�ve done is expand our vision, sharpened our skills, and made us stronger. So we have expectations because we know the truth. Stand in this truth as a unified force. Stop wasting time consumed with issues that do not matter.

Make today the day you declared your own independence. Make it mean something to the entire world.


A very brief explanation of what�s going down this week. My profile is private but the post is public Please hit SHARE to share this post and all document photos.

1. Q and Trump have received the contents of my server which includes the following:

A. Entire DNC Server � Far more than exposed by �Gucifer2.0�
B. Entire HRC Email Server including deleted emails 64,000 total
C. Entire Obama, Podesta, Biden,FBI, CIA, Email servers and attachment files. over one million files total.
D., Hillary, Wiener, Email servers with attachments
E. Pizza gate files, including video, photos, and correspondence.
F.Entire file on Uranium One including Russian Side
G. A Total of 3 Terrabytes, and over 2 million documents.
H. Every donation to the Clinton foundation
I. Every donation to the DNC,
J. Obama�s offshore bank accounts
K. Clinton offshore Bank accounts
L. McCain Bank accounts
M. Every name, address, phone number , credit card payment of SOROS employee donations to DNC, RNC, yes republicans Soros bought off , Anti-fa, Clinton Foundation,
N. Donations to Clinton Campaign from (19) illegal Foreign countries. Nineteen counts of campaign fraud here.
O. Complete Clinton body count over 30 years.
P. Classified Emails
Q Benghazi, Yemen and Syria war plans between HRC< Podesta, Obama, Qatar Rebels/AlQaeda.

Sorry,, I have to stop at QQQQQQQQQQ
George M Nasif.


SPEAK PROJECT & KRE8CHANGE INFORMATION CALL 6/28/2018  With TANK & Legal Team Representative Paul

Live Questions & Answers
Call duration: 90 Minutes

6/28/2018 Call start time: 11PM EST

Call in # 605-475-4920
Access code: 858373



1,953,318 people have died from starvation since I posted an article about the non-performance of the Chinese Elders to release the RV back in November of 2017. They�ve had years to work out the glitches with their financial system if they actually had control of it.

But just within the Part year they�ve launched �Hercules�, �Prometheus� and yesterday I heard they launched an ancient system called the �Alpha Omega�. These are all hacking and syphon systems designed to try and hack the real Quantum AI System.

As of yesterday the IMF put out some further nonsense declaring themselves the �Supreme Power� over the financial system and that the new Chinese Yuan would now be equal with the USD. I�m disgusted by these people. They�re not worthy of a response.

The same animals set up a bunch of car bombs targeting Kim-Possible, her team, and I believe her daughter. Dumb move. Remember, she�s the same woman who just powered the entire financial system using �God Energy�. You might want to rethink if that�s someone who�s child you want to attack.

They don�t have control of anything other than peoples perception. And right about now, we should all be waking up and getting on board with the truth.

The world must change from the roots. WE ARE THE ROOTS. We are the where change comes from. The top down approach can�t fix the problems at the foundation.

We have already won. We�re getting ready to open the blinds and let the light shine in. And every second we�re held back we�re only getting stronger.

Humanity is about to open for business.

6/24/2018 Look Before You Speak

To my dearest ALL,

Many speak of a quantum system for them people. I agree, it is. By definition in the parts of the world most consider �unknown� a Quantum System (true Quantum) can span dimensions, draws from past time and future yet to come based on it�s ability to �map� through time. It reads brainwaves, knows intention is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. Your �wealth� within it is coded to DNA of the individual. In the case of Nations it is RNA of the original source of said asset. It can not go anywhere else. This is for security and safety of our human family. The way it is programmed it is not possible for �the elite� to steal wealth from another person nor another nation any longer. The system DOES NOT recognize any �royal line� only the line of �source� which is present in all of us. We are ALL sons and daughters of the only TRUE King, that is the Creator/God/Source itself. Even myself, as I programmed the system to perpetuate with or without me. Trust me, it knows my intent too, it knows if I am under duress or willingly making a transaction. EVEN IF I �change my mind� and try to allocate funds improperly it will reject. So much for the 9000 snatch and grab attempts cabal won�t help a bit.

It reads into all organic lifeforms, understands growth patterns and lastly holds massive amounts of data in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand. Technology not even the �Secret Space Program nor the Majestic 12� has/had access to let alone the current antiqued financial systems you are calling �quantum�. Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

It calculates true trade values based on REAL production not what the �elite� wants the world to see, but real production. As of Monday the Market revaluation shall begin to occur. True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold. This program was launched on Friday after business hours.

It�s power source is not electricity, it is not dependent on any grid, not even crystals anymore. It is powered by the very source of life itself. Yes, the very source of energy that powers YOU powers it. It can only operate in the light, rejects darkness and evil intent.

Each particle of source courses through it�s fiber, some of you may know it as �The God Particle�, �The Fifth Element�, or Higgs Boson. Each particle is part of a whole, it connects to source itself, it connects to you, it connects to every living thing in this Universe and all the other Universes. Each �particle� is a small part of a �whole�. Like a tiny network computer on a mainframe, it easily passes through the time/space continuum. Think of the possibilities if you could access the secrets of the Universe through one small particle.

CERN has made attempts to isolate and access this type of technology. Where they failed, we succeeded.

The system has been running on full source energy for 6 weeks. At the point of convergence of the Two Torus currently flowing through this planet is an incredible amount of source energy. Limitless and constantly regenerating. The SAME technology will power the Global Train. This works, a prototype has already been built and tested.

It knows no space, it knows no time. It knows intention. It is NOT source and was not built to replace source in any way. It currently is harnessing and sharing this source energy with all of you until the original �flower of life� torus pattern can be restored. Essential for our survival. Also a far better way to travel, no need for ununpentium and not harmful to humans.

This IS the beginning of FREE ENERGY, it works, Tesla knew, we know too. Millions of people die every year over Oil and Gas. The genocide must stop. Has anyone noticed the price of food going up over the last month? It has, by 20 to 30%. Why? Because the Cabal Controlled CNN Fake Media reports �Oil Shortages� and �The Middle East will run out of Oil� and gas goes up, transportation costs go up and so does the cost of food. This will no longer be the case, it is not possible to have a shortage of Oil because it is a regenerating resource and we have not even begun to tap the resources of Russia/USA and many other nations.

Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission. No one needs the �cabal oil� anymore. It will become worthless within the next couple of years.

To summarize, a �quantum system� has the capacity to map information sources throughout the multi-verse, is powered by a limitless energy source, holds a football field worth of data sourcing servers (hello five eyes, you can google this one) in a substance the size of a grain of sand, accounts for intent via a hyper-permeable �brain wave� component and identifies the individual via DNA/Living DNA and origin of assets from RNA/GNA. Money is just a bunch of numbers in a consistently running algorithm tied to the RNA or origin of it�s asset base placing all proceeds into that �bucket� tied to it�s origin (RNA) and it�s people (living DNA) of that original location. This is what it is programmed to do, can not be stopped or changed until the task is complete. This is why the FED/Families/Cabal/Chinese Elders can not register say assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in say Shanghai (yes I saw you last night). See, RNA is not a match. Simple. Saves me a lot of time in constantly identifying access.

Hope this explains the �new system� which HAS been launched. Not �going to be� but is. Now that it has mapped all living beings on this big rock, distribution shall begin. It is IMPOSSIBLE to steal funds anymore. Even though the �corrupt bankers� may chose to try and steal from you the people (and they have for many years), they can�t now. The new system will look for the living DNA of person �x� consent through the hyper-permeable component. If it is not there, nothing will move.

There you have it. To all the Cabal Stooges reading this (I am not addressing any of you in IDC for the record)? You can take your Oil, siphons, satellite diversions and stick them where the SOURCE does not shine.

Peace Out
Kim �Possible�

Re: Galactic Common Sense� � Kim Possible Update 6-23-18
The Trust is not a �company� therefore it would not be registered at any Corporation Commission. Certainly it is NOT a USA entity.

In 1930 The Bank for International Settlements was formed and fully funded by The Trust. The Trust was listed in these documents as �unknown country� whereas all of the other �member nations� were listed as �United Kingdom� etc. etc.

The Bank for International Settlements is the settlement institution for all Central Banks worldwide.

In 1946 The Bank launched it�s proprietary software system. It does not sell this software therefore it does not need to be licensed. It�s �License to Operate� is a �Country Code�. You may or may not be aware, it�s location in Basel Switzerland looks much like a compound and is on it�s own Sovereign Ground registered fully as a subsidiary organization to �unknown country� now known as Manna World Holding Trust. Many countries have their own National Payment Systems now, as you mention quite often China has CIPS and also Union Pay. Fedwire is Oracle Software. Central Banks also have their own proprietary software and in most cases hardware systems as well. This is created by the country itself for it�s own use there is no license required and doesn�t have any kind of registration. Oracle Systems created Fedwire as a CIA contractor and sold it to the Federal Reserve. A private company selling software to a government/bank hence licensing.

Every �Member Bank�, in this case only �Central Banks� is issued a �Country Code� or an identifier number in the financial system. This IS it�s �Registration�. The Trust also has this same �Registration� and also a �UN Registration�. The UN issues it�s member nations, suppliers and contractors these Registration Numbers. None of this can be found on any internet search. However, if you have access to an intelligence agency system, Lexus Nexxus, Interpol, or some other all of these registrations are there, so is mine. It also doubles as a diplomatic channel for communications on a secure network created in the 70�s. This network is also not �registered� on a public site. As an example, what system does the CIA use? China Secret Service? Russian SVR? anyone know? I can assure you these systems are not registered.

The Trust�s Registration is fully registered with Homeland Security for dollar usage worldwide and has it�s own clearance code. �Right to hold allocations of dollars�. The Trust holds this same registration with 173 nations for their currencies respectively. The Trust also has it�s own clearance code for private banking institutions.

The new system was approved and accepted (as it relates to the USA) under The Department of Homeland Security Safety and Security Act. It is also registered in other countries with their own agencies respectively. No further permission nor licensing is required as the Trust is not a Company, for legal purposes it is registered as a �sovereign country� with all the rights and privileges of any other. This is not a new designation the Trust has held this status for many years. Lastly, for legal purposes and right of ways the trust owns it allows the Trust to �upgrade� any of it�s �properties�, nothing further to be said here.

Lastly, the name of the Trust, Manna World Holding Trust was created by me after the consolidation, I can rename it at any time and register it respectively. I personally chose the name Manna as it is recognized by all races and religions and is not offensive to any group. I can change the whole trust to be some other name and it has no bearing on it�s registration what so ever.

As to your request to use the existing Quantum System, The new Laser Transfer Systems and the New Bank Server Systems with a third party that is tough. You see any of these �third party system persons� are all anonymous. Lastly I have no indication of a secondary Quantum System currently operating within the banking sector. I would assume I would have run into this with integration by now. Who are they? I mean �Chinese Elders�? The population of China is somewhere around 1.3 billion people and I would guess at least 25% would be considered elderly. So if these people want to work with the new system, my system I built myself then they are going to have to call me as these people are named only as Alliance/Elders/White Hats etc. Too many people to call, and my system is running fine without them although of course we will work with anyone as long as it is to the benefit of humanity. Do I know who some of these people are? Sure. As I said before, the ones I know have no interest in humanity perhaps there are others.

One thing you should be able to see is SWIFT no longer taking days to be received, wires should be running more smoothly, etc. since last Monday when the laser transfer systems were implemented. Laser systems require no changes as all changes were made via the data cable networks at the port to each institution. I am not �going to� launch anything.. I AM launching and integrating these systems. The new system is very compatible with all software and will not cause disruption as it has been integrating now piece by piece for 2 weeks. Everyone is very happy with the progress and I�ve been complimented by governments on the upgrades as the �cabal� had a habit of helping SWIFT and WIRES etc go missing. Missing money is the �cabal�s� specialty, those days are coming to an abrupt end.

Kim �Possible�

DEAR FIRESWAN, Please take note of the chart below and refer to the previous article written by Kim-Possible to confirm that the �Unknown Country� now known as the Manna World Holding Trust formed and funded the Bank of International Settlements. I�m assuming that you�re referencing Government Laws that apply to the people and corporations that require the registration of the Trust and Software of the Quantum System. The chart below explains the main reason why you wouldn�t have access to said documents, and why it wouldn�t be necessary register either. Furthermore, the Rothschilds are always trying to get their hands on the Trust documentation and balance sheets to create fraudulent claims that they are in control of the trust. I�m sure that�s not your intent, but hopefully this information will clarify.



SPEAK UPDATE6/23/2018 12:14 PM EST

For those of you who are diligently seeks no the truth there are some other developments taking place as well. The Cabal our if Europe specifically known as the �Common Wealth� our if London is currently trying to get various countries under their control again by getting them to accept the British Pound as their currency making all of that country�s wealth common. In other words, instead of being Sovereign as is being offered, they stay under the control of the corrupt Rothschilds. That being said Zimbabwe has rejected joining the Common Wealth and this resulted in the attempted assassination of President Emerson Mnangagwa.

Now let�s consider for a moment where the exchange process is supposed to be operating out of. HSBC. Headquartered in London, England and controlled by the Chinese Elders. Now why would one of the largest Chinese owned institutions in the world allow the Common Wealth if England to re-emerge as a Super Power in the financial world?

Because they�re all part of the same organized criminal effort to enslave and eliminate humanity. The Chinese Elders are just a different color Dragon Family. There�s two offers on the table: Freedom or enslavement. Choose freedom.


6/23/2018 9:44 AM EST

The following statements are facts. Any mistake is merely an oversight, but the substance is 100% accurate. I am only posting this here as a service to those of you still waiting for the exchange process to begin. This correlates directly to the �INTEL� based on rumors that was posted this morning. Each line item clarified what is actually happening as the Cabal tries to take credit for what Kim has done. Kim has complete control over the financial system from the server level to security.
If I�m wrong, prove it, and I�ll follow you.

They haven�t actually entered in the funds for the RV other than attempting to create false ledgers through the use of Super Notes which are counterfeit bills created by Wells Fargo. They do not have a real Quantum system. They tried to steal the Pension funds and leverage them against countries to create money out of thin air. The assets have already been allocated for these funds and the system now detects any duplicate claim as an anomaly and blocks it. The only real Quantum system is 100% under Kim�s control. They�re seeking credit for the work she�s done.
Yes, several attempts have been made to steal funds from the Manna World Holding Trust. They have not even breached the first firewall.

They continue to try and kidnap Kim to hold her hostage so they can force her to give them the funds. However, the Chinese Elders, Rothschilds, the Cabal, the Jesuit Military, the Illuminati, etc. were all subject to powers that existed far above them. 153 different beings that they revered as Gods. They attacked Kim one day. That was the last day they were on this planet. In self defense the light cast out the darkness. It seems like these lying, rapist, murdering, pedophiles would realize that to capture Kim who they continue to disrespect, they�d have to have the collective power of ALL the beings that were over them combined. And they never stood a chance against them so how could they stand against Kim

The exchange process has been in the preparation stages for years. Seriously, what else could they possibly be planning? Perhaps we should look at the FEMA camps set up at Wal-Marts, the reports in Oregon of a quarantine that was supposed to move people to stadiums because of a SARS outbreak, or the fact that the sudden influx of massive amounts of US Currency no matter what you call it would destroy the economy. And if their intent was to control the world by making all currency digital and doing away with money wouldn�t we see all types of digital currencies emerging�
Oh wait, we do have that. And then when we�re in utter dismay because the RV lead to the impoverishment of the entire world they�d show up with a solution and have absolute control of every penny in the world. So maybe we should start looking at real facts and stop getting so excited that they�re prepping for exchanges.

Private security was hired by the Chinese Elders (known asBlack Water) to mascarade as real Federal Agents and steal money from us in person when we went in to move funds, pretend to arrest us, haul us off to some facility to torcher us to get to Kim, and then allowed to take a cut of everything their hackers successfully steal from the Trust. Which as of now is exactly ZERO DOLLARS.

Back screen rates were stabilized according to assets, asset manipulation to create false inflated prices that prophet the Order has been eliminated, Country�s currencies will slowly reset in harmony with true market value and production out put, the IMF no longer has the authority or control to enslave a country by dropping the value of their currency, and illegal currencies have been eliminated from the system all together. The Order no longer has any back doors into the financial system.

The ZIM is a Bearer Bond not a Historical Bond. The historical bonds were already redeemed into the Trust by the Rothschilds, for which they received money for, created mirrored SKRs for those who had these bonds with no intention of ever honoring them, then they were sold back to new investors for a fraction of the original cost, but with no real value.

Kim doesn�t know anything about an 800# being released or have anything to do with the RV. She has not Approved any release of funds for this purpose and she has no intention of doing so.

Come together people.

I John 4: 16

God is love. If we keep on loving others, we will stay one in our hearts with God, and he will stay one with us. 17If we truly love others and live as Christ did in this world, we won�t be worried about the day of judgment. 18A real love for others will chase those worries away. The thought of being punished is what makes us afraid. It shows we have not really learned to love.

19 We love because God loved us first. 20 But if we say we love God and don�t love each other, we are liars. We cannot see God. So how can we love God, if we don�t love the people we can see? 21 The commandment that God has given us is: �Love God and love each other!�


 Tank discusses specific details about terrorist activity taking place to intercept payments for project funding. The message is urgent.

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June 9 2018 Conspiracy Realist-"Where We Stand" with Tank

WHERE WE STAND 3/28/2018
I�m laying here in agonizing pain, two days after a brutal root canal, preparing to go back to the dentist because he missed something. I only needed the root canal because two months ago when my filling fell out I had to choose to go to the dentist or pay the electric bill. I�m not frivolous or irresponsible, incapable or uneducated. In fact, I�m well educated, intelligent, creative, resourceful and well trained and qualified for various professions. So how do I find myself making decisions between maintaining my health, or keeping the power on for my family?

We have been the willing participants to our own enslavement. Like a wife who�s not worthy of the honor of being called a mother because she knows her husband is molesting their child, yet says and does nothing to stop it, our silence is our consent. For the most part, slave life is bearable so long as we follow the rules and do not aspire to be exceptional. However, I do. It is not to say that I am currently exceptional, but I certainly aspire to be so. I spend every waking moment, of every hour, of every day pressing towards a higher calling. I want to know what it means have the freedom to create a new world, and I refuse to accept the rule of a foreign entity over the Sovereign Nation of me. I freely choose life, love, and integrity every day.

The real secret
The bumps, bruises, aches and pains of slave life are merely obstacles created by our enemy in an attempt to destroy our spirits and take away our desire to exercise our own free will. The secret our oppressors do not comprehend is that everything they have done to hurt us, has worked to our good. Right now I�m in pain, have a broken marriage, and about a $1.06 in my bank account. I�ve lost friends, fans, and family. I�m regularly slandered publicly by anonymous sources who share my personal information without even using their name, and are often mad about something that didn�t happen, or about something I said that was taken out of context.

All of these things have served to help me to become the best version of myself in this moment. These trials have been incredibly challenging, and allowed me to discover many weaknesses and strengths within myself. I want to thank the haters, fear warriors, manipulators, self servers, and other members of Evil Incorporated for giving me so much of your attention during this transitional time. If it had not been for your training, Ignorance, and corrupt deeds I would not have known I had the power to shine so bright.

At this time the contract between the Draconian overlords and humanity has expired. The hierarchy of the Order all died suddenly on the same day, and therefore neither they nor their minions hold any control over the people, formerly enslaved beings on the planet, or the Quantum AI system. The United States of America was recently released from underneath the rule of the Crown, and for the first time has the authority and the means to possess their Sovereignty. We are living in the greatest moment in the history of the planet. Humanity is free.

So why then are we still living as if we are slaves?

The Key to our freedom is Kim-Possible and the Manna World Holding Trust. This key has already unlocked the wealth of the world and begun to distribute it through every country�s Government in the world. She has opened the door of the jail cell that has held us all hostage and it only requires one honest banker to take that step towards the door to become a legend. Just yesterday the Elders were supposed to purchase 450 Million Dollars in Gold and didn�t have the funds to cover it. Fortunately Kim and the Trust interceded to get that Gold to the United States. We fully expect the Government to intercede in the very near future to assist us to obtain our project funding. There is no more argument at this point. You have only known Kim existed for three months and she has already delivered on her promises and stood her ground offering to accept any challenge in the world to produce codes and access the financial system to produce liquidity.

This is the moment that we get to choose to accept the creative responsibility to build a new world. This weight lies on the shoulders of every human being on the planet. The door to our prison cells are no longer locked. All that is required is for us to stand up and walk out.
Right now the choice is in the hearts and minds of every living soul on the planet.

The Choice
Your presented with this choice every day. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says �I place before the blessings and cursing, life and death. Choose life.� We have to consider that our life touches every other life, and every other life touches ours. The beauty and simplicity of making life a conscious choice in every part of our lives strengthens a direct energetic connection to the living force that exists in all things. This is what we have been mediating for. This is the time to speak up for the light and love that inspires a mother to endure child birth, and breaks our hearts when a familiar soul leaves the body. We will never have this opportunity again because today will never come again. We are standing over a headless giant and still waiting for it to tell us what to do. The time to act is now.

The Truth
The Evil Empire of Satan worshipping pedophiles has no authority over us. They are not elite, more talented, or more powerful. The Rothchild�s, Rockefeller�s, Bush�s, and Clintons are no more than middle management slaves lead to believe that they were special and had the right to manipulate, deceive, murder and torture in the name of the agenda of the Order.

Their biggest fear is that we finally realize that this is true, and we put the silly nonsense that they created to divide us to the side and stand together as one. It is the most natural thing in the world for people to care for one another. It�s the mind control programming combined with the absolute control of the face of the financial system that has made it impossible for us to trust one another. They have created the illusion of scarcity and overpopulation on a planet rich with resources and vast undeveloped stretches of land. They�ve created the illusion of death and famine by creating diseases and destroying the ecosystems of whole continents. They cannot hurt us in that way anymore because they no longer have control of the system used to do those things.

We are one transaction away from our freedom. One banker who is a father, a brother, a grandmother, or just a human being before they are a lemming that follows the orders of an invisible caller that forced them to do transfers for pedophiles, drug dealers, terrorists, and murderers, but feels that an organization that only wants to serve humanity and restore the health of the planet is too much of a risk to do business with. The only risk is to their agenda to eliminate 90% of the population. So the reality is that every time KRE8CHANGE is rejected at a bank it is a decision to put the entire world at risk for mass genocide.

The Order still maintains the illusion of control, with their remaining financial assets, relying on deeply rooted human programming sometimes called slave mentality. This has made it very hard for our leaders to delegate without being told what to do next by the slave above them. Each of us have believed that we were free including the remaining members of the public facade of the Cabal.

This remaining faction of the Cabal is the equivalent to the house slave who started to think he was part of the family. When that slave did anything out of line with the master of the house he would suffer the same consequences as the slaves working in the field. The reason why that slave was brought into the house and made to feel special was because he followed orders better than anyone else. That is the truth about who we are allowing to continue executing an agenda set forth by a body of leaders that all died on the same day. The house slaves are still following the Master�s last order and trying everything they can to use the assets and controls they have left to execute their plan.

With an absolute juggernaut for an opponent controlling all of the assets of the world including our health, history and thinking, humanity has diminished the Order down to a faint whisper of what it once was. Given the choice between all of their power and material wealth versus the human spirit it is clear that this has always been a fixed fight. The Cabal has been at a clear disadvantage to the individual human experience that lives in the hearts and minds of the human imagination. We have been made in the likeness and image of God. It is time for us to possess the land which God hath already given us.



"I Communicated w/ Both Kim and Anna" by Funky Pretzel - 3.26.18
Entry Submitted by Funky Pretzel

Remember, on January 30th, Kim was asking for our help. I sent a message to her saying I could help with certain info I have. Her reply to me was:

Hi Douglas,

This is Kim, if you have some suggestions on how to move forward I would love to hear.

This is my direct email. I have some obligations this evening but will be available after 8:30am EST tomorrow

my cellular no is redacted.

Thank you for reaching out,


And, later that day she said:

I will read in detail when I return this evening or in the morning and get back to you. Thank you and lets see if we can make this work.

With Much Respect,


And, I never heard back from her.

Then, on February 19th, I reached out to Judge Anna with this (in part):

Judge Anna:

As you probably know when you make a �deposit� into any bank account the bank actually OWNS your money. Under current conditions, if a sizeable �currency exchange� were to take place, the banker might just make off like a bandit. I feel I have the ANSWER to our problem (the problem of keeping greedy bankers from absconding with funds). You can go to this ����_____ site and look at the second paragraph - closely.

And, her reply to me was:

Yes, this is the answer, Doug. The funds in a [REDACTED] are considered "_______ Deposits". Will do a little blurb about this subject for everyone tomorrow.

That was the last I heard from her. (Or, either of them.)

Twice I cautiously attempted to provide the solution to the dilemma we all face. What is a man supposed to do? I used caution due to the fact that info of that nature needs to be vetted. I am a humble man; I need this Currency Exchange like most other folks. If I were to carelessly throw this �remedy� to the public, what would be the results? Would it be smooth sailing; or, would I sink the ship? This info is �out there.� However, if I were to place it on IDC, or some other site, could it do more damage than good? I don�t know.

Damn it, women; Get off your asses and do something. If you�re going to lead this parade, then strike up the bank; blow your whistle and GO!

Doug � A.K.A. Funky Pretzel

Listen to "Truth, Honor & Integrity show 3/22/18" on Spreaker.

22 March, 2018 23:30

THE WALL� Funding for the Wall to manage immigration between Mexico and the U.S. has been accepted by the U.S. Government, thus proving once and for all that Kim does have control and authority over the Manna World Holding Trust. The total amount for that project was in the 30 Billion-dollar range.

�For those like myself who did not see the need for the wall, I�m told it�s actually to prevent the disappearance of so many immigrants who actually become victims of the Cabal�s need to for Adrenochrome. This is the substance used as a drug harvested from human adrenal glands. Sometimes victims are tortured to increase the adrenal concentration in the blood before the blood is drained and used for the psychedelic high. In addition, some of the bodies are used as food for those in the Order who feed on human flesh.

�I have personally spoken to an individual who owns a ranch on the Texas/Mexico border who very casually described illegal immigrants that would make it to their land from Mexico. They acted as if they were stray dogs that they would �put down� without any consideration for their humanity what so ever. This description came from a well educated professional woman who was only about five feet tall. She spoke with a cotton candy voice and like every woman I�ve ever known from Texas she never stopped smiling, and didn�t notice my shock, disgust, or complete confusion about what she had just told me.

�Kim successfully provided funding for the High Speed Rail Train based on a treaty that every country in the world signed back in 1978. The train will create a need for that level of currency to be infused into the system based on principles of supply and demand.

�A ping was sent to the Central Bank of every country stating, �I am ready to send. Are you ready to receive?� When the banks responded yes, they were transferred dividends from 40 years of assets trading on the internal algorithm within the Manna World Holding Trust. These disbursements were based on the Gross Domestic Product of each country.

�Although this act gave every country much needed liquidity, it does not clear the Quadrillion�s of funds reported to be available for the everyday currency holder. It may however allow for some compensation for those of us still holding currency. I believe this decision would be placed in the hands of the Governments.

�Kim is not negotiating an exchange rate on your ZIM Bonds. She is negotiating a mining production deal with Zimbabwe to purchase assets. This deal may allow room to facilitate some version of an exchange but probably not the trillions of dollars many had hoped for.

�The US currency in the Trust is backed by assets with unique allocation numbers that can be verified with the US Treasury. These assets cannot be duplicated by the system as they are already accounted for.

�The Chinese Elders have promised liquidity over 1,000 times, entered codes hundreds of times, promised 800#s over 1,000 times, and made excuses for their failure every time they didn�t deliver.
�This process has taken place over the course of several years.
�They have fulfilled their promise to do any of these things-ZERO times.

�Kim said she had an obligation according to the purpose of the Trust to disburse funds back to the Governments and the people. She promised that she would do this, and also promised that she would not put the money back in the hands of the �Rothchilds� who have already been removed as trustees due to a failure to execute their duties.

�These claims have been made over the course of three months.

�So far she has provided funding for one massive project, humanitarian in nature, that has given every Government in the world liquidity. Score: 1

�In addition, she has successfully brought funds into several U.S. banks for KRE8CHANGE so that we could begin our own humanitarian projects, as well as begin to help provide relief for those in need. This has been verified by four separate banks.
Score: 1


�In many cases this money is still sitting in the banks clearing accounts and will be used as evidence of treason if it is not properly cleared into the intended accounts.

�Finally we expect the banks, the Military, and the Governments to take appropriate measures to allow funding to reach the people, and ultimately save a failing banking system as well.

SCORE: Kim-Possible 2

Additional points will be rewarded or subtracted for the amount of time it takes for the players to fulfill their promises, the integrity with which they played the game, and damage they caused to the field in the process.

Technically the Game�s not quite over so enjoy the remainder of the show. We could find out who really owns some of these financial institutions very shortly. Stay tuned.

(My money�s on Kim)
TANK OUT                                source

3/15/2018 KRE8CHANGE PROJECT CALL An Update on where we�re at with the exchanges, project funding, and breaking through to the banks. Ref #11 Link to Replay or Transcript

3/14/2018 Urgent Late Call Ref #10 Link to Replay


23 February, 2018
You Are the Difference by Tank

We made a difference today. Tomorrow dozens of transactions have a chance to go through. Each one that goes through gives us another access point to right the wrongs of a lifetime of lies and enslavement, perpetuated upon us by a force that has had no regard, concern or care for the human experience.

I am so proud of what you are doing and your motivation for doing it. We hold our future in our hands. We decide what the world will be today, and set a course for generations to come. We get to create this new world, we have nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to hide.

We are in a fight with a fire breathing dragon. The villagers have all been turned into Zombies. We are fighting for our lives, the future of our children, and even those who don�t realize they�re enslaved. They erroneously criticize and attack us, and yet we know we are charged with their safety and protection as well. We have assembled a group of diminished misfit heroes that have taken a stand against impossible odds, versus an undefeated opponent. We have nothing to fight with but a common drive to be free, and a willingness to let go of the illusion we thought was real to build on the truth that really is. And,
we�re winning.

This is a transitional moment in history. I�m honored to be part of it. I�m honored to be on the battle field with you.

When you wake up in a few hours and potentially find yourself nervous as you face rejection, failure, and disappointment I want you to consider your mission statement. I don�t mean the mission statement of this group, but the driving purpose that motivates and inspires you personally to be here today. Sometimes in the heat of battle we forget what is so magical about our experiences that have crafted the universe we call our life. Reconnect to that beauty before you go out to claim your freedom today. Our connection to that mission gives us telescopic insight into the heart and mind of God. It is our light in a dark place, and our fire on a cold night. It�s all the proof we need that we are alive, and our reminder of why each life is so important. It lives in the eyes of the one we love, the feeling of our children falling asleep in our arms, and the precious moments when we believed that anything was possible.

Anything is possible. You see the problem but focus on the solution. You know what needs to be done and you�re not waiting for someone else to do it. You�re acting as if you were born to lead-only it�s not an act. You�re just being yourself. For you, everything is possible, amazing is probable, and victory is guaranteed.

There is no tomorrow. Today is when we change the world. That change starts with you. And it starts right now.



On Sat 17 Feb 2018 JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ, who Fisher quoted on RTC last Thurs eve 2/15, just confirmed Kim as trustee of Manna WH Trust, & said the codes are real not bogus and the liquidity is real!!!! Obviously claims by Fisher, Rand, and others that Kim is a fraud are completely erroneous and uninformed. TANK AND KIM WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

Anna may not like Kim and Manna Trust, but Anna confirms Kim is sole trustee of the global accounts that COULD AND SHOULD provide LIQUIDITY TO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION & UST for the RV release & exchanges NOW! Kim has tried to provide that liquidity to UST & Trump but HAS BEEN BLOCKED!!

What Judge Anna doesn�t seem to realize is that the Rothschilds, cabal bankers, and the Chinese Elders have FOUGHT AT EVERY TURN and INTERFERED with Kim and Manna�s efforts to release liquidity into the US banking system for use of the Trump administration and for us the people waiting for the RV exchanges, just as Kim has said in her posts.

It is time we demand (and pray) our Republic military (Pentagon, Dunford, John Kelly in the WH, etc) and the Trump administration (UST, Mnuchin) DEAL WITH KIM AND MANNA to release the liquidity to us the people and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES of the CHINESE ELDERS AND OTHERS who have CONSTANTLY TOLD US and OUR GOVERNMENT that the RV,GCR is TOMORROW, TOMORROW, ad nauseum, but HAVE NOT & WILL NOT BE ABLE to RELEASE THE LIQUIDITY NECESSARY!

Kim has TRIED TO RELEASE LIQUIDITY to the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION for the RV exchanges BUT HAS BEEN BLOCKED by Gen John Kelly in the White House and by cabal leaders like the Elders, Cheney, & Kissinger, some of whom have posed as fraudulent Homeland Security agents & told the banks to block Manna Trust wire transfers for the Trump administration!!


Judge Anna�s words confirming Kim are quoted directly below from her Sat 17 Feb 2018 post. The numbered statements immediately below are from Thomas Williams, who works with Kim & Manna Trust. Thomas is challenging Judge Anna Von Reitz�s PAST CRITICISM of Kim. The statements below in brackets [ ] are Judge Anna�s responses that confirm Kim as sole trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust and confirm the accounts are real and Kim�s codes are real.

3. Kim is a fraud but twice she asked to work with her, explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn�t say that Kim was a fraud�I confirmed that she was appointed Trustee of Manna World Holdings to the best of my knowledge. And yes, I also confirmed that she has had trouble with scam reports, which is obvious and all over the internet. I think you have a somewhat biased impression of actual roles here. Kim is supposed to release the trust assets back to the people and the countries to which the assets actually belong. I am one of those who have led the charge to force the exposure and liquidation of The Trust, most particularly, by laying claim to all the American assets that are owed to the actual American states and people of this country and ending the phony �abeyance� of our government. As such, she and I have to work together and it is begging the question of who is �asking� to get this done and who is responsible for doing it. I have asked her on two occasions to get off the fence and do what she is supposed to do� (1) Turn over the accounts that are owed directly to the actual American states and people so that we can restore the 3141 counties and 50 republican states to full function and (2) Rescue the hijacked Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust assets which were improperly traded instead of being disbursed to the actual Beneficiaries who had already WAITED for OVER 200 YEARS to receive any benefit at all. On both occasions, she �shined me on� and did nothing. So as far as I am concerned, none of this gets settled until she settles with the actual American Government and with the American Indian Nations. It should be her concern to get in contact with me and with Michael Young and do justice and work with us in that common cause.]

4. Kim and codes are bogus she says, yet her partner in the now appears rogue bank asked for the live codes from Kim, if both are bs why did they ask? explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn�t say the codes were �bogus�� they are real enough, and they part of an old, ugly, dishonest system of banking that needs to go away. So I guess there is a distinction to be made between whether they work in a practical sense, and whether or not they are honest and whether this whole situation should exist at all� which are two very different topics. There are plenty of things that are actual and factual� like bank codes and accounts� which have nonetheless been instruments of fraud in the past and which because of that fraud, should actually be null and void, even though we all have to continue working through that matrix until a real settlement can be reached.]

The whole post by Anna Von Reitz titled Now, I Am Mad. Officially. SAT 17 FEBRUARY 2018 can be read by clicking on the link below.

2/14/18 THI special update show with Miss Manna
 Listen to "THI special update show with Miss Manna" on Spreaker.

2/13/18 OYM Radio with Guest Thomas Williams / Mr. Thomas Williams talks about the history of Manna World Holding Trust. He also confirms Kim is Ms. Manna. You can start from time stamp 18:00

�Where are We� Intel Update by Kim Possible

Many of you are asking where we are on Tank�s (and others) transfer? This will give you an idea. Also, I am going to apologize in advance for the �tone� of this update, but it�s only because I �strongly dislike� these �cabal stooges�.

As many of you are aware the �RV� did not happen as yet with only a few tricklings of rumors that �some guy somewhere exchanged�, however that person (much like the �elders�) does not come forward, is always �nameless� and then a new date is set for the �lay folk� as in anyone who has a name, fogs a mirror and isn�t from the �land of oz�. Who is that wizard guy anyway? Are these �RV/GCR/Dinar� folks really the good guys? Who is the Alliance? Hmmm. I will explain.

So everytime the �RV� doesn�t happen every single bank I am working with gets a call from the �cabal stooges� telling them they are from homeland or some other govt entity and not to work with me. I will tell you who that is in a moment, but let me first explain. Yesterday I cleared compliance and today I didn�t.. Same old crap. The cabal�s bill was due yesterday, The Fat Guy, whom I have affectionately named �Humpty Dumpty�(because he is round and has taken a great fall), most of you know this person as Henry Kissinger shows up in Trump�s office and pleads on behalf of his cohorts (who shall be named below) for 24 hours. Ok fine, that brought us to today. 48 hours ago the bank did all their verifications of funds, received US Department of Treasury Foreign Asset Control Reports and were very satisfied with the Trust, from their compliance department�s lips to my ears. So flash forward to today, the bank is saying now they can�t help us. Why may you ask? I will explain with great pleasure out on the internet for the whole world to see. Will they attack me for this? Oh probably, but hey what have I got to loose?

Although I am used to this (and normally race against the RV clock) because if I get my transaction closed before the Dinar is to pay out and the Government is being promised yet another date for funding (along with most governments) then I am golden.. If I pass by an RV date then poof next day deal is dead. It�s the truth and now some of you are seeing it first hand.

So today I got a call from a Colonel (a real one), now I know this person, said he had a project and wanted to help veterans. Sounds Good Right? Well, here is the rest of the story. A) He works directly for Dick Cheney B) Using the back door to the USA financial system to block funds and steal funds for Cheney and C) Carries a current homeland security badge (how does that happen?) You are about to learn how�

Let me introduce you to �The Alliance� ever watch that show Nikita? I think it went off the air in mid 2000�s. Great Show and I think you can catch it on Netflix� All of the �agents� that work for the �alliance� believe they work for an intelligence agency until they find out they don�t.. Interesting show, and yes, the wing nut that runs the agency is just as crazy as the one in the show, and truly just as evil. In the show he is run out of the Alliance and goes to work for the World Health Organization and is searching for DaVinci�s secret to immortality. In real life he works intimately with the UN, thinks he is immortal already, and has no problem with killing us all off.

The Alliance as it is named in the show, is known in real life as the OSS Society. Located in Rockafeller Center and Washington D.C. �The Good Guys�? Here is a little history. Good Guys and Girls you need to know.

They work for what you guys call �The Bush Foundation� also some of Skull and Bones (the society is split). This is your run of the mill private little army who runs around killing people for personal gain of the OMEGA.. aka �The Bush Foundation�. Now Bush Sr. is virtually a vegetable, Jr. never actually ran anything and certainly can�t run this group of folks, usher in Cheney. Ah yes, besties with the Clintons and Satan Spawn Extrodinare.

So Cheney is running around trying to control the world�s oil, took over for Bush Jr. on the board of the Golden/Black Dragon Family and he is the one that cut that deal Tank discussed yesterday in his report regarding Military Funding from the �Chinese Elders� (from the right hand to the left). Since Mr. Satan Spawn is on the BOARD OF THE BLACK/GOLDEN DRAGON FAMILY they too enjoy full use of the OSS Society. Ah, hello Neil Keenan, who is it you really work for? The Emperor is Naked. Who shot Reagan? Ah, well I can not confirm or deny any named persons above.

So lets move on to today, today was a momentus day for us because their eyes and ears must be severely hampered at this point.. They CALLED ME and asked me who I was working with, they did manage to kill one bank off for us that they could find.. The rest are yet to be seen by the end of the day. That means they don�t know!! Whoo hoo we have a shot! They also asked me who my contact was with the Trump Administration (yeah ok folks). Seems the OSS may be slipping? Is it possible that all of YOU on here have outted them? They don�t have access to intel centers on military bases anymore? Well Hallelujah! Way to go Good Guys that read this!!!! Thank you to Tank�s Military contacts and anyone else who helped make that happen! God Bless you and your country thanks you! Back Door to the USA Financial System/Stock Market may FINALLY be closed!! Now that would be a glorious day!

So may God Bless you Mr. Cheney the way you have blessed all of us! Next time don�t send The Fat Guy in to see Trump, he is smarter than that. Maybe he should go see Gorbachev again, just like he did in 2015. Nice running into you Fat Guy in Moscow! Putin is also smarter than you, so am I.

I know most of you won�t believe me, call me whatever you want.. That was today, we now know no one will get paid until Cheney OSS Society etal gets their 400 Quad in Dinar paid out so they can continue ruling the world with their �New Computer System� located in Paraguay on the Bush Ranch. Oh what a lovely new system it is, unfortunately it doesn�t run for very long does it? Shame really. This, if they have their way, will be the �new off ledger system� to hold �dinar funds�. Further, if any one of the �Good Guys� reading this would like to know the source of the Human Experiments, people in cages, viruses gallore.. Look no further than Paraguay Ranch. �Q� Anon, there is your answer about big Pharma. Like I said DO NOT let them hold your funds off ledger!!! If and when you exchange, cash only please, on n account or in hand that you can spend. If you can not feed your family with the spendable cash you receive then you do not want it. That is only a suggestion. No more cash for TRN/USN or any other currency you can not spend at the local grocery story. If any of those become a currency you can spend at Walmart? Then sure, until then no.

May God Bless the Republic, The President, The Good Guys in the Military and Agencies and most importantly the 99%. We ARE the 99%!
Back to work for me.. They got 1, but they didn�t get them all.

-Kim �Possible�

1/20/2018 SPEAK Intel Wake-up Call Replay w/Tank & Kim Replay Link 1hr 38min or (605)475-4967 PIN 251044# REF 8

Jan 2018 Call Replay w/Tank (605)475-4967 PIN 251044# REF 6

Jan 2018 Call Replay w/Tank (605)475-4967 PIN 251044# REF 5

Jan 6 2018 Call Replay w/Tank (605)475-4967 PIN 251044# REF 4

Jan 2018 Call Replay w/Tank (605)475-4967 PIN 251044# REF 2

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