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Capital letter etiquette: (Netiquette)

The greatest statements are rarely shouted

Do not digitally disrespect others by using all caps. It is rude. People "in the know" do not use all caps, if you want to be taken serious and appear like your in the know do not use all caps.

It is proper netiquette to refrain from using all capital letters in internet correspondence. Using all capital letters in electronic communication is like shouting at someone in person. It is a common technique used by HUSTLERS to get attention.

Good internet etiquette prohibits using all capital letters in communication. 'All caps' is considered shouting on the internet. Shouting is not polite. Therefore, it is bad netiquette to use all caps on the internet because shouting is not polite.

Everyone avoids loud people. Using all caps is being loud on the internet. Users who use all caps are avoided. This is a universal rule of netiquette.

The attention that a person gets from using all caps is not positive attention. It is negative attention. People that use the internet regularly are put off by all caps. People who do not know any better, newbies, may be attracted to it.


In reality, shouting at someone is done to get their attention through intimidation. Shouting breaks the standard level of volume and tone, a voice should carry, to force someone into doing something. This is not socially acceptable in a civilized society because it is a use of force not reason.

Shouting at people is unreasonable in most cases. It raises the case that standard text should carry to bully a reader. This is not acceptable.

It does not matter what form of internet communication you are using, shouting is not acceptable. There are caveats and exceptions. Subject lines, headings, and advertisements are often in all capital letters for readability reasons.

It is acceptable for website heading to be in all caps, but not personal messages. All Caps is popular on classified advertising and auction websites because it is a good way to make your ad stand out. I do not recommend responding to ads with all caps.

Don't believe it do your own online search for netiquette. Everyone could use a little netiquette!


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