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8/11/2019 Eye Pet Goat Two. Truth Tells Break Down. Very Telling for people Awake or Waking up. Videos


A giant pair of hands lift Vietnam's golden bridge into the sky

Trump hopes to escalate a tariff war with a currency war

Zimbabwe Dollar Returns, a Decade After It Became Worthless - June 25 2019 Articles


Massive Nationwide outage register at Target Stores Saturday 6/15/2019

3/28/19 Iraq Dinar NEWS Chat Highlights


Kuwaiti Dinar Change in Value Testimonial Found in our Chat:

TWWlll:... "I was learning trading currencies in the 70's...I was working in Riyadh in 1989 for a developer, & Amed, my boss, was telling me of a 'rumor' that Kuwait was planning to 'adjust' their currency... Remember, Iraq was attaching Kuwait's oil wells... Well with the help of USA & international assistance, adjustments were about to take place... I never heard the RV by name, just an 'adjustment'... Their currency at that time was .05... While there I bought quite a bit of their currency, quite a bit in Riyadh... I was back in Honolulu around March when my currency broker from the past, called me at home and mentioned that Kuwait's currency adjusted to a higher value, 3.47usd... I call my bank, Bank of Hawaii and they confirmed... So I went with my bills and cashed them in... I had to show my passport with the date when I was in Egypt... There is more to the story but this should give u enough to share at this point... It did happen no matter what the so called gurus are telling you."

To be more, it was my former boss in SA that called abt their RI/adjustment then I went thru his broker.

It went from 0.05 to 3.47usd

kip  Yes and I figured 20 nickels x's $1000 = 20000 nickels x's 3.42 = $68400. Just wondered if I figured correctly.

Was your taxable at that time?

TWWIII It was just an exchange, no tax.


US and EU sanctions on Zimbabwe expire Tuesday Feb 19, 2019 Article


Presidents' Day (regional holiday)
Monday, February 18, 2019
Description:Public holiday in: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming
Organizer: Holidays in United States

Wells Fargo "Blackhawk Helicopter Extracts Computers In Los Angeles Raid" Video

Poisons In Our Skies: The Antidote Regina Meredith

They Actually ADMITTED There's No Money in Curing People Video

Our Bodies are Polluted by plastic

We All Bleed The Same

President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Humanitarian Crisis on Our Southern Border and the Shutdown

Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated?

Iraqi Dinar News | Sean Hannity Radio Clip about Dinar

Texzon Zenneck Wave Wireless Power Transmission - World Wide - Nupower Development. This is/could be mankind's - womenkind - transieskind's next BIG contribution to life on earth, next to DNA, Penicillin, the Transistor et al...... "IF IT IS INDEED KOSHER". Since as of this report we can find nobody that has actually witnessed this in action in a commercial environment, thus let's keep speculating that Texzon/Viziv and their Bahrain representatives Nupower Development really have something miraculous to bring us during 2019 Video


Alleged Movement of the Earth
(Speed of Sound is 767 mph)
1. 1000 MPH Earth Spinning Ball
2. 66,666 MPH Earth Around the Sun
3. 500,000 MPH Sun Through the Milky way
4. 1,000,000+ MPH Milky way
Yet North Star Stays Fixed
Hmmmm? Really? Not feeling or seeing it!


11/14/18 It's ALL So Close You Can Feel It Coming Can't You.. Think About It Video


Welcome Patriots

Hillary Rodham Clinton > Evil > US career politician. Former Secretary of State under Obama. Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 who lost to Trump in a shocking defeat. They never thought she would lose!

More Players in the Game>        


Tesla Technology Has Been Revived Video


11/18/18 Your Healthcare may Kill You but at least it’s Profitable. Exposing the FRAUD

"If I were the Devil" Radio Warning to America Paul Harvey 1964 Video & Transcript


“There is US, and there is THEM” Kim “Possible” Link


Hidden History of Medicine


Cut Internet service in the whole of Iraq without knowing the reasons
BAGHDAD / MESSALA: The Internet service was cut across Iraq on Sunday, without knowing the reasons.
The pieces raised the dissatisfaction of many citizens and business owners whose work is connected to the Internet service. The loss of service has caused losses to a number of these companies.

There was no official clarification on the subject. source

Return of the Internet to Iraq
Informed sources within the Ministry of Communications said on Sunday that the reason for cutting off the Internet from the provinces of Iraq came because of the start of exams for the third round of the middle and middle schools.

The source said that the interruption will take place daily for two hours from today until 24-10

Many citizens and business owners complained this morning of the interruption of Internet service for unknown reasons, before returning to work.


10/11/2018 Worldwide backlash against US dollar rapidly expanding


Fed Funds Rate 1971-2018 Chart


Deep State Panic, Arrests & Military Tribunals Around The Corner: Robert David Steele Video



9/11/2018 September 11th 911

Be Warned! Facebook Creators Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us Video

Zimbabwe to adopt Chinese currency to boost confidence in banking sector

- Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer & Anti Terrorism Expert
Shadow Government/Deep State Officials Exposed - Kevin Shipp lays out in detail the structure of the Shadow Government/Deep State and the corrupt officials involved. Video


Trump Signs S. 2779 into Law ZIM News


The Iraqi dinar exchange globally on Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

Some TRUTH about Medical Devices. The Bleeding Edge

Trump poised to take control of the Federal Reserve

-President Trump sharply criticized the Federal Reserve this week, saying interest rate increases are hurting the economy.
-Trump will have the opportunity to fashion the central bank in the image he would like as he has four vacancies to fill on the board of governors.
-The result could be a more politicized Fed.

President Donald Trump has multiple reasons as to why he should take control of the Federal Reserve. He will do so both because he can and because his broader policies argue that he should do so. The president is anti-overregulating American industry. The Fed is a leader in pushing stringent regulation on the nation. By raising interest rates and stopping the growth in the money supply it stands in the way of further growth in the American economy.

First, He Can
The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is required to have seven members. It has three. Two of the current governors were put into their position by President Trump. Two more have been nominated by the president and are awaiting confirmation by the Senate. After these two are put on the Fed’s board, the president will then nominate two more to follow them. In essence, it is possible that six of the seven Board members will be put in place by Trump.

The Federal Open Market Committee has 12 members and sets the nation’s monetary policy. Seven of the 12 are the members of the Board of Governors. Five additional are Federal Reserve district bank presidents. Other than the head of the Fed bank in New York, who was nominated by the president, the other four can only take their positions as district bank presidents if the board in Washington agrees to their hiring. One of these, the Fed Bank president in Minneapolis, Neel Kashkari, is already arguing for no further rate increases.

Second, Regulation
Following the passage of the Dodd Frank Act in July 2010, the Fed was given enormous power to regulate the banking industry. It moved quickly to implement a number of new rules. The Fed set up a system that would penalize banks that failed to obey its new rules. These rules included setting limits as to how big an individual bank could be; how much money the banks had to invest in fed funds and Treasurys as a percent of their assets; which loans were desirable and which were not; where the banks had to obtain their funding and many, many, more up to and including how much a bank could pay its investors in dividends.

These rules have meaningfully slowed bank investments in the economy (the Volcker Rule) and they have had a crippling effect on bank lending in the housing markets (other agencies have had an impact here also).

Thus, of all of the government agencies the Fed has been possibly the most restrictive. The president has already moved to correct these excesses by putting in place a new Fed Governor (Randal Quarles) to regulate the banking industry.

Three, Killing Economic Growth
In the second quarter of 2018, the growth in non-seasonally adjusted money supply (M2) has been zero. That’s right, the money supply did not grow at all. This is because the Fed is shrinking its balance sheet ultimately by $50 billion per month. In addition, the Fed has raised interest rates seven times since Q4 2015. Supposedly there are five more rate increases coming.

This is the tightest monetary policy since Paul Volcker headed the institution in the mid-1980s. It will be recalled his policies led to back-to-back recessions. Current Fed monetary policy is directly in conflict with the president’s economic goals.

Moreover, the Treasury is estimating it will pay $415 billion in interest on the federal debt in this fiscal year. A better estimate might be $450 billion if rates keep going up. There are a lot of bridges and tunnels and jobs that could be created with this money.

Then there is inflation. It is likely to rise if the Fed eases its policies. If that happens paying down the federal debt becomes easier. On a less desirable note, higher interest rates lower real estate values. Lower rates that stimulate inflation increase real estate values.

Bottom Line
The president can and will take control of the Fed. It may be recalled when the law was written creating the Federal Reserve the secretary of the Treasury was designated as the head of the Federal Reserve. We are going to return to that era. Like it or not the Fed is about to be politicized. source

H.R.5404 - To define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.

Congress finds the following:

(1) The United States dollar has lost 30 percent of its purchasing power since 2000, and 96 percent of its purchasing power since the end of the gold standard in 1913.

(2) Under the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent inflation objective, the dollar loses half of its purchasing power every generation, or 35 years.

(3) American families need long-term price stability to meet their household spending needs, save money, and plan for retirement.

(4) The Federal Reserve policy of long-term inflation has made American manufacturing uncompetitive, raising the cost of United States manufactured goods by more than 40 percent since 2000, compared to less than 20 percent in Germany and France.

(5) Between 2000 and 2010, United States manufacturing employment shrunk by one-third after holding steady for 30 years at nearly 20,000,000 jobs.

(6) The American economy needs a stable dollar, fixed exchange rates, and money supply controlled by the market not the government.

(7) The gold standard puts control of the money supply with the market instead of the Federal Reserve.

(8) The gold standard means legal tender defined by and convertible into a certain quantity of gold.

(9) Under the gold standard through 1913 the United States economy grew at an annual average of four percent, one-third larger than the growth rate since then and twice the level since 2000.

(10) The international gold exchange standard from 1914 to 1971 did not provide for a United States dollar convertible into gold, and therefore helped cause the Great Depression and stagflation.

(11) The Federal Reserve’s trickle down policy of expanding the money supply with no demand for it has enriched the owners of financial assets but endangered the jobs, wages, and savings of blue collar workers.

(12) Restoring American middle-class prosperity requires change in monetary policy authorized to Congress in Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of the Constitution.


Effective 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act—

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury (in this Act referred to as the “Secretary”) shall define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold, based on that day’s closing market price of gold; and

(2) Federal Reserve Banks shall make Federal Reserve notes exchangeable with gold at the statutory gold definition of the dollar.


During the 30-month period following the date of enactment of this Act, the United States Government shall take timely and reasonable steps to disclose all of its holdings of gold, together with a contemporaneous report of any United States governmental purchases or sales, thus enhancing the ability of the market and of market participants to arrive at the fixed dollar-gold parity in an orderly fashion. source

7/15/2018 Frank26 Update


SPOTTED: Hillary & Bill Clinton were filmed while flying COMMERCIAL.
Their security was nowhere in sight.
Where are they going? And why are they flying commercial?
Are they “dead broke"? Or was Jeffrey Epstein’s plane not available? Video

Cult of the White Lab Coat


A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals. Time to HEAL

KTFA Members "News and Views" Thursday Morning 7-5-18

4 July, 2018 “OWN YOUR PART” Tank

7/4/2018 American Contractor Intel Report

7/2/2018 Yosef: on ZIM

6/29/2018 The Future of Cryptocurrencies: A Bloomberg event in London Video

Guess Which Bank Just Froze My Funds

6-26-2018 Newshound Guru Frank26 Update in Comment/Forum section bottom of page >

Wells Fargo fined by SEC over investment sales misconduct More Wells Fargo Fraud

Information on the Iraq Election

xchange rate of the dinar against the US dollar in local trades

I think everybody should get rich and famous and get everything they dreamed so they can see that's not the answer -Jim Carrey

Central Bank of Iran has allowed for a minor increase in its rate Central Bank of Iran has allowed for a minor increase in its rate

Why Your Legal Name is Written in All Capital Letters Video/Article

School Shootings possible Solution

Romans 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature (New Age?) more than the Creator... More

5/18/2018 10 IQD Lower Denomination Note Showed up again

About the Art of Bunk

4/12/2018 Zim NEWS ‘Bond notes to stay’ / Zim finance minister says 'bond notes aren't going anywhere' Video & News Articles

Organic Token - Digital Cryptocurrency Video Update

Origins of Easter Sunday, Christmas and April Fool's Day

3/30/18 Restored Republic via a GCR Transcript

About The Zimbabwean One Hundred Trillion Dollars Bank Note

"I Communicated w/ Both Kim and Anna" by Funky Pretzel - 3.26.18

NWO vs One World Order | Megaregions & the Future of Humanity - A quick breakdown of the difference between the New World Order and the One World Order. The future of humanity. Video 9min

Fake Alien invasion coming Video

March 9, 2018 Cash May Disappear in China as Payments Go Digital, People's Bank of China Says

Just because China’s financial regulators are cracking down on cryptocurrencies doesn’t mean they’re souring on the idea of digital money.

People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan made that clear at a press conference in Beijing on Friday, saying physical cash may one day become obsolete. Zhou said the PBOC is looking into digital currencies as it pursues faster, cheaper and more convenient payment methods, even as he warned that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin -- more often used for speculation than payments -- don’t serve the economy.

“We must prevent major mistakes that would lead to irreparable losses, so we are cautious," Zhou said during what may be one of his last public appearances before his expected retirement. "We don’t like creating products for speculation and making people have the illusion that they can get rich overnight."

China, once home to the world’s most active Bitcoin exchanges, banned the venues last year amid a broad-ranging clampdown on virtual currencies. Yet the country is still the world leader in digital payments, thanks to the popularity of platforms developed by tech giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Tencent Holdings Ltd. source Bloomberg News

Iraq News & more 2/25/2018  Audio/Video & Articles

2/19/18 Dinar & Iraq News Audio & Articles


AETHEREAL - The Battle for Heaven and Earth (Cosmology Documentary) Videos

FOCUS – by Tank

Neil Keenan The Global Collateral Accounts (GCA) - History & Events Timeline Videos & Transcript

The Best Places To Exchange Currency

Jordan Maxwell's Final Interview Audio / Video

Flashback to 1988: “Get Ready For A World Currency by 2018″ – The Economist Magazine! Video & Transcript

New digital technology doctors can check live inside the body. Video

The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection

10/23/17 Ex-HSBC executive found guilty of fraud in $3.5 bln currency trade Banksters

New US Dollar Currency Note Project

8/9/2017 TDA Treasury Direct Account Update page

7/30/2017 Encouragement From DebTarHeelGirl Sunday AM: "It's a World Event and It's Real!"

DebTarHillGirl: REST my precious peeps, just choose to rest and get off the roller coaster of what this guru says vs. what another one says. Stay away from the fights as its empty and a waste of brain cells to try to figure out who is right or who is wrong.

I know folks who have been hospitalized over the stress of following this 24/7. I know folks who can't rest from the phone calls, asking what's new or did you hear this or that 3+ times a day. Is that really productive?

I sadly know a few couples who have actually divorced over the one living on the computer, always in the chat rooms and skype rooms, neglecting family priorities, discussing intel with unseen faces, fighting over the intel and letting it control their waking hours - how sad eh?

That's why I write this folks, don't let this venture take you into the negative to where you experience effects like this.

Sincerely, I suggest stop saying its been delayed again when YOUR "intel" didn't come to pass.
This is a global event - the real info that "each poster" or "conference call guru" has spoken has never never yet once come to pass or proven real... think about it. I say that with all sincerity.

The original guru's such as Freeway Bill, Sooner fan and others, do you see them posting intel as they used too? NO because the level of those in charge can't be penetrated nor the real info given out.

ASSUMPTION is the issue. Why be guilty of assumption? We all have a lesson to learn here = TRUST. Therefore confidentiality of the who, what, when, where, why, and how's will never be put out in public.

Iraq has to wait on the "go word" also. Do you not realize if Iraq was in charge, as impatient and crude as they are, this would have been long over with no after thought of other nations needing to RV with them?

I don't mind anyone emailing me asking me for prayer in this endeavor. I will never turn you away or judge you. Been there, done that, have to fight it off in this wait as you do. I have some advice to encourage you but for you to think about.....

Let this process continue to unfold. IT'S A WORLD EVENT AND ITS REAL AND ITS SUDDENLY GOING TO MANIFEST - so look at it with a global perspective.

When its perfected in God's eyes, nothing missing, nothing broken, totally protected, perfected and done, and not before, this RV will come into our hands.

I pray you are ready to be accountable to received God's wealth as He trusted you enough to pick you to be a part, are you prepared to take good care of this wealth?

All my best to you,

Wells Fargo commits more FRAUD on it's depositors, account holders and customers

July 28,2017 More than 800,000 people who took out car loans from Wells Fargo were charged for auto insurance they did not need, and some of them are still paying for it, according to an internal report prepared for the bank’s executives. more

7/26/2017 Treasury Direct Accounts

Wells Fargo Gets Regulatory Questions After Data Breach

THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION Rise of the Fallen Angels the Nephilim & the Return of the Days of Noah Video

Islamic State cornered in Mosul as Iraq prepares victory celebrations
Islamic State fighters were battling to hold on to the last few streets under their control in the Old City of Mosul on Monday, making a doomed last stand in their former Iraqi stronghold.

In fierce fighting, Iraqi army units forced the insurgents back into a shrinking rectangle no more than 300 by 500 meters beside the Tigris river, according to a map published by the military media office.

Smoke covered parts of the Old City, which were rocked by air strikes and artillery salvos through the morning.

The number of Islamic State (IS) militants fighting in Mosul has dwindled from thousands at the start of the government offensive more than eight months ago to a mere couple of hundred now, according to the Iraqi military.

Iraqi forces say they expect to reach the Tigris and regain full control over the city by the end of this week. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is expected to visit Mosul to formally declare victory, and a week of nationwide celebrations is planned.

Mosul is by far the largest city captured by Islamic State. It was here, nearly three years ago to the day, that it declared the founding of its "caliphate" over parts of Iraq and Syria.

With Mosul gone, its territory in Iraq will be limited to areas west and south of the city where some tens of thousands of civilians live.

"Victory is very near, only 300 meters separate the security forces from the Tigris," military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasool told state TV.

Abadi declared the end of Islamic State's "state of falsehood" on Thursday, after the security forces took Mosul's medieval Grand al-Nuri mosque.

It was from here that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his first and only video appearance, proclaiming himself "caliph" - the ruler of a theocratic Islamic state - on July 4, 2014. source

Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003 Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest / Official Link:

Australian Mainstream Media Discuss Possibility of Bitcoin Replacing US Dollar article

Paradigm Shifting & Are we Ready?

4/17/2017 Al Hodges & Michael Cottrell Update - RV/GCR & Private Exchanges... FRAUDULENT

Seven Wells Fargo Managers in Board’s Review—and Their Fates


Yosef busted fallout

Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years” Video link w/ lyrics

Is heaven literally closer than we think? Magellan



Ron Paul Myth-Busters: Thanksgiving - What you're not supposed to know


How to choose a wealth manager. Link

Ron Paul reveals hit list of alleged ‘fake news’ journalists

Caution Main Lamestream media is trying to divide America

Consumer Alert Office Depot caught recommending costly bogus computer repairs

Rob Kirby-Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of Paper Gold Dumped on Market Video

Donald Trump's tweets and more...

New Republic via a GCR Update for November 4, 2016 Videos

Who Is Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Video

The Incriminating History Lesson on Money They Can't Teach in School. You better believe they will ABSOLUTELY NOT teach this in school! It'll become painfully clear why. There is NO DOUBT: If THIS house of cards falls, the entire world will feel the catastrophic effects! Video

10/15/2016 Ohio State announces plans to stop doing business with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf resigns, still makes millions

The 2nd Presidential Debate - LIVE Sunday, October 9, 2016

RT NEWS and or United Nations (UN) Webcast / Web TV Live & On-demand

Pentagon paid PR firm $540mn to make fake terrorist videos

What Now for China as Renminbi Joins SDR?
Since being admitted to the IMF’s elite currency club, Beijing has prioritized GDP growth over structural reforms. Article

China’s Ambitious Plan to Make the Yuan the World’s Go-To Currency

Beat Stress & Boost Happiness

The Incriminating History Lesson They Just Can't Teach in School
You better believe they will ABSOLUTELY NOT teach this in school! It'll become painfully clear why. There is NO DOUBT: If THIS house of cards falls, the entire world will feel the catastrophic effects! Video

Bible changed / Changing the Word / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith

Wells Fargo will pay $190 million to settle customer FRAUD case

Racism destroyed in a minute

US to send 560 more troops to Iraq to retake ISIS stronghold July 11 2016

7/6/2016 Damning report into the Iraq war



The A.G.E. Pill’s Super-nutrients Accelerate Your Body’s Reversal Of Aging Agents THE AGE PILL




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