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Foot Forward / Matthew Erickson Video Replays

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9/19/2019 New Iran and Saudi Arabia update!

9/17/2019 Dinar update! Prophetic vision has come to pass!

7/31/2019 Dinar update! (Article 8, gold standard, war with Iran)

6/21/2019 Iran update!!

6/19/19 Dinar update! Foot Forward

5/27/19 We are not to be in survival mode

3/23/19 Acorns Foot Forward

3/9/19 We need to keep contending

2/8/2019 I'm certain about these things

2/1/2019 How do we get paid from the dinar?

1/25/2019 Something is happening

1/9/19 Dinar Update Video Link

11/22/18 Watch this video. We need to step up

9/21/18 Dinar update

4/30/18 We are missing the little signs



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