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Regular Calls  Sun 4pm ET

Grace with Glory, from Chicago - Witness the Winds of Change

Live Dial in (712) 770-4160 Pin 984113#

Backup Dial in 1-805-360-1075

Or online at:
Follow instructions on the site.

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Join us on this informational call chronicling the Paradigm Shift of Planet Earth which includes progress reports on the much revered GCR and transition to a life filled with abundance for all, with early delivery for Lightworkers.
We will discuss a variety of topics, all designed to empower you on your path towards freedom and enlightenment, with much love and encouragement to all.

Topics such as...
Miracles and Manifestations - Let the Magic begin as you also start Manifesting
Health and Healing - You can help yourself and stop the dependency
Bankster Battles - How to fight and win issues most of us deal/have dealt with
Geopolitics and Global Finance - As its unfolding, in Real-Time and relates to you
Income Generation - Tips that can put money in your pocket, fast Hidden gems.

JOIN Us on Our Live Calls Sun 4pm ET, with our informal get together on the Aftercall!

Grace with Glory, from Chicago- Witness the Winds of Change
Live Dial in (712) 770-4160 Pin 984113#
Replays (712) 770-4169 Pin 984113#

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